Acquiring new customers is a challenge when operating in the B2B market. The relationship and sale process is long and often involves more than one decision maker, as is the case with ERP sales. Even more challenging is customer retention amidst emerging competition.

To strengthen your customer retention strategies, it is essential to provide ongoing benefits to your customers by putting yourself in a position of trust with each one of them. And we know how ERP is always treated as the central operating system of most companies.

In this case, as a supplier of this system, retaining customers goes through these points and also by evolving your solution in relation to the market. On the way, implementing ERP in the cloud is a more than essential step to ensure better performance and several other advantages. So , see now the benefits that can guarantee retention and how Sky.One can help you on this path !

How can Sky.One help with customer retention?

Along with the digital transformation we are experiencing, new solutions are emerging with current development technologies

For legacy ERPs, having an infrastructure that guarantees maximum performance has become a major challenge for companies that develop software .

To shield its customers from native web competition, it would be necessary to invest heavily in innovation and ERP development.

Relying on high availability, performance and automatic backups are actions that only one environment can offer today: the cloud.

If this is your case, Sky.One can help your company take the important step of taking its ERP to the cloud and having a SaaS offer , thus guaranteeing the loyalty of its customers by offering a modern ERP.

4 benefits of using Sky.One solutions to put your ERP in the cloud

Now let's see the main benefits that placing your ERP in the cloud with Sky.One solutions can provide:

1. Your ERP becomes more competitive in the market with a SaaS offer 

Generating sales with a ( Software solution is one of the main ways to place a competitive offer on the market. In this way, your client does not need to purchase and install the software , paying only for the service available in the cloud.

In this case, the customer is exempt from updating or correcting the application. This means that the use of SaaS eliminates the need for technical knowledge from users, as they only need access to the internet, which further facilitates the commercialization of solutions .

In addition, your team can start to put time and effort spent on daily operational activities will be considerably reduced, making it possible to work on other applications and increase your revenue!

2. You guarantee your client's safety

One of the great benefits of using a cloud solution is that it allows you to implement multiple layers of security , emerging as yet another differential that helps retain your customers.

Your system users can rest easy because they know they will be guaranteeing all the quality that cloud hosting can offer, accompanied by a management panel that delivers full transparency in monitoring the status of applications in real time.

3. Deployment time reduction

As we have seen, ERPs are independent of the customer's infrastructure when they are used through the cloud. This brings great benefits to both sides, which is the reduction of deployment time.

Imagine the investment in acquiring a new client and, at the time of implementation, being a bureaucratic and time-consuming process . This directly affects customer satisfaction and retention. Sky.One offer , in less than 24 hours your customer has the ERP in the cloud ready for use.

4. Faster support ticket resolution

With ERP in the cloud, your company has a partner Sky.One support team with excellent service, making it faster to identify and solve problems. 

We have a certified team specialized in cloud computing and the ERP ecosystem. So you already know that you can count on agile support , and you can offer the same advantage to your customers with this change.

Using the cloud environment, it is much faster to organize service processes.

So, did you like the benefits? Have you noticed how they can help your customers' retention by transferring your ERP to the cloud? In addition to all these advantages, we also offer:

  • an action plan that facilitates the sale and communication of its new offer model;
  • an attractive ROI;
  • guaranteed gain in infrastructure.

If you want to count on each of these points now, the ideal solution to start putting into practice your action to take the ERP in the cloud !

Written by

Sky.One Team

This content was produced by SkyOne's team of cloud and digital transformation experts.

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