Cloud computing has been fundamental for companies that seek to expand business intelligence, making use of strategic information processed from the analysis of large masses of data. The high demand for a reliable, secure and high-performance infrastructure has made the cloud the ideal environment for organizations to grow.

In addition, the emergence of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), have expanded the possibility of new products and services to be offered to customers in different types of business.

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Developing business intelligence is linked to cloud computing

Performance, capacity, reliability and security are basic requirements for companies that seek, in different segments, to be part of the current digital transformation. Developing business intelligence goes beyond commercial or marketing strategies, investments in technology are associated with the search for new markets and customers.

Adopting cloud infrastructure solutions are economical and simple to deploy, with the help of the IT department, companies achieve great advances in the organization, among which we can highlight:

  • Significant improvement in production processes
  • Increased productivity based on cutting-edge technology
  • smart cost reduction
  • Optimization of IT investments and priority areas of the organization
  • Technological progress
  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction

The benefits associated with cloud computing converge to faster results, in addition to certainty about the return on investment with shorter terms.

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Data analytics has become critical to new businesses

With the Digital Era, data processing has evolved in terms of concept and architecture, today, we go beyond a database and application structure. The need for platforms dedicated to data analysis has been fundamental to obtain the necessary information for companies' strategic decisions.

In contrast to the technological advancement we currently have, the volume of data to be processed has increased considerably. If, on the one hand, we have more reliable and strategic information, on the other hand, we need an IT infrastructure that helps us achieve our growth objectives.

Without the use of cloud computing, processing a large volume of data has proven to be an extremely complicated and time-consuming challenge, which requires the use of technology covering different areas, from the use of database and analysis tools, compliance , security, processing, storage, and networking.

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The importance of business intelligence and data analysis cannot be ignored by companies today. Organizations of all sizes in different industries are embracing digital transformation and looking to leverage their businesses, developing new products and services, as well as looking for new approaches to satisfy customers.

For IT teams, cloud-based solutions converge into a simple, fast and extremely cost-effective way to build the infrastructure needed to support these highly strategic workloads.

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