Every company that values ​​good administration in all areas of work knows that it needs to have a management system. And the best option is always to use the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning or Business Management System). But what few still know is that this tool can count on high performance in the cloud.

That's right, instead of having a high cost with own equipment to manage your ERP internally, there is a better option – migrating all information to the cloud. This novelty can now be used by customers of one of the most used ERP systems in Brazil: ERP Leader of the Market. Created in 1991, the Market Leader ERP has been present in the national market for almost three decades, helping several companies, from different levels and sectors, to boost their results.

But all of its performance can be enhanced by using cloud services. That's why we're going to present now what high performance in the cloud really means and why it can positively impact the Market Leader ERP.

What is high performance in the cloud?

Businesses have depended on computing for a long time to run their business successfully. But most of the high-performance hardware that lives in each company's internal space has aged.

Today, they have inferior features when compared to the new high-performance cloud computing services. It's much cheaper to use cloud computing rather than upgrading a bunch of servers in your data center when you factor in the costs for power, cooling, server maintenance, skilled labor, and more.

The truth is that the platform features provided by the cloud are very attractive. Cloud service providers already have a ready-made structure, with the best equipment to keep up with the growing market demand, in addition to the most competent teams in security against hackers and digital attacks.

Thinking about the big difference between the structure models, we see that high-performance cloud systems can easily combine services as needed, making their integration a much simpler process. This is what characterizes high performance in the cloud

Why choose the high performance cloud?

There are several reasons why companies are choosing the cloud. It's not just about infrastructure. Making this choice is much more about the platform features that can be used.

In practice, the clearest differentials that we can notice in the high performance model in the cloud are:

  • Scalability;

  • Ease of use;

  • Customization of the control environment;

  • Innovations available for data-intensive systems;

  • Worldwide availability with a simple Internet connection.

What are the real benefits of migrating the ERP system to the cloud?

The primary objective of any cloud migration is to host applications and data in the IT environment as efficiently as possible, based on factors such as cost, performance and security.

And we can see that an increasing number of organizations perform this migration from their on-premises data center to cloud infrastructure. All to take advantage of benefits such as greater elasticity and flexible pay-as-you-go.

But when it comes to migrating a system as complex as an ERP, which involves a series of relevant data for the smooth running of any company's operations, there are always doubts about the advantages of this process. That's why you should rely on a supplier that supports this movement in your business by applying a layer of Cloud Computing intelligence. Only then will it be possible to add real benefits, such as:

  • Simplification of the ERP migration process;

  • Optimization of the use of machines;

  • Advice and support from a team experienced with this process.

How does this cloud positively impact the functionality of the Market Leader ERP?

Now that you know the details of how high performance in the cloud can help your work using the ERP system, it is easy to see how it will impact the functionality of the Market Leader ERP.

Imagine an environment where you can quickly perform activities such as:

  • Access it from anywhere in the world;

  • Full backups;

  • Migration of development environments to production;

  • Have greater autonomy and control over the application;

  • Use modernized processes according to the main standards of the market.

All of this is done in an agile and simplified manner, while taking advantage of nothing that the cloud has to offer, with an optimized and intuitive graphical interface. You can achieve these advantages in practice using a solution that has a very clear objective: to migrate the Market Leader ERP to the cloud, allowing greater control and autonomy in management moments.

These positive and differentiated impacts for those who make the right choice and need to reach this new level in the use of their ERP system can be achieved with the Easy.Tot solution for the migration process.

How does Easy.Tot work?

Migrating a large system like the Market Leading ERP to the high-performance cloud was a time-consuming task, which could take weeks or even months to complete due to its complexity.

But what Easy.Tot does is precisely eliminate this waiting time: the ERP migration to the cloud is done quickly, in much less time, still providing freedom and flexibility to create instances and environments. This solution is also accompanied by a complete guarantee of high performance. In addition, the solution also has a dashboard that leaves all commands just a click away.

And with Easy.Tot security is guaranteed , with protection of your data against theft, ransomware , leaks and even deletions. All your data is within global security requirements that guarantee the protection your information needs.

I need help migrating the Market Leading ERP to the high performance cloud!

If you're ready to take that step that will change the style of your business, making it more dynamic and competitive, you need to get to know Easy.Tot better.

Get in touch with Sky.One . Let's clear all your doubts about the tool and tell you all the details about it, which go far beyond all the benefits you've seen here.

In addition to the differentials, we offer an action plan that facilitates the sale and communication of your new offer model, an attractive ROI, with gains in infrastructure.


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