When Jeff Bezos left his finance job and started Amazon, he may have had no idea how the brand would grow. Unlike other famous companies that started activities in the garage at home, Amazon dealt with books and today operates in other segments. The most pulsating of these currently is technology, especially cloud computing solutions, capable of changing the entire IT universe.

As evidenced in recent years, the company has not only created an ever-expanding atmosphere outside its online e-commerce system, it has also built an AWS infrastructure that was born to meet its internal needs, but which has also become a product. Today Amazon leads the cloud market, something that is due to the gain of experience in its own operations.

Flying high

Company CEO Werner Vogels compares Amazon's technology sector to airplanes, which started as a single single-engine plane, which over time became a 737, then a group of 747s, trailing all over the world. way until reaching the large Airbus fleet that it is now. “The whole time, we were refueling in mid-air,” says Vogels.

Another interesting point from Amazon was its perception that the way customers would use the cloud would evolve as the cloud developed. That is, the supplier needs to adapt and offer basic technology services and see how the customer behaves with it. Thus, it was able to adapt and offer solutions that meet the main demands of the market.

As customers came to the cloud to work around IT issues, they began to develop systems with new and interesting usage patterns that no one had ever seen before. This innovation factor has expanded Amazon's footprint, allowing them to deliver low-cost solutions and automate their operations.

Keeping the universe expanding

Amazon has signed a contract to lease 20 Boeing 767s from Air Transport Services Group to ensure fast deliveries. Which will make it replace your deliveries with your currently used partners. The brand has also been active in creating entertainment content to compete with HBO and Netflix. Which shows its versatility both in offering new products and in improving those it already has, as well as its ability to compete with any company.

There is no one else that can exploit new cloud services as effectively as Amazon. It keeps its expanding universe in line with new forms of economy. It is a brand that looks forward without forgetting its past and that is what guarantees the successful case .

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