In April 2015, researchers from UFB (Federal University of Bahia) identified a threat, until then little known by Brazilians and the scientific community, which would cause panic in the entire population: the Zika virus. In a very short time, it managed to spread to all regions of the country, with the help of the Aedes aegipty mosquito – the same one that transmits the dengue virus and the chikungunya fever.

Since 2015, the number of deaths of infected people has increased dramatically, as have cases of microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome. To minimize the catastrophic effects of the Zika virus, the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management decided to develop an application to engage thousands of public servants in actions to combat Aedes aegypti. And for that, he had the support of AWS.

Below, you will discover how Amazon Web Services met the needs of the Brazilian government and helped it in its mission to combat the Zika virus. Follow:

The challenges faced by the Brazilian government

In the first months of 2016, the Brazilian government took a series of initiatives to minimize the effects of the Zika virus epidemic. Among the main ones were the training of public servants and the holding of national mobilizations against Aedes aegypti. These actions were only possible thanks to an application, which was available to more than 400 federal agencies and engaged thousands of public servants.

The development of this application was very challenging for the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management, as it needed to create and make it available within 24 hours. And to circumvent this challenge, those responsible decided to migrate to the cloud. This is because the security, scalability and low total cost of ownership and development offered by it were crucial factors for the success of the undertaking.

How AWS Helped to Get Around Them

The scalability, security, flexibility, low cost and maturity of Amazon Web Services services were the factors that led the Ministry to adopt its cloud computing solutions. With the help of an AWS technology partner, those responsible for the project were able to migrate to the cloud almost instantly, and make the Zika virus application available on time.

Another major challenge for managers was to break the security paradigms within the government, which did not fully trust the cloud and thought that its data could be easily leaked. But thanks to the AWS cloud, which has two storage zones in São Paulo and enables the creation of hybrid architectures that meet the strictest security requirements, those responsible managed to get around it.

AWS solutions for government organizations

For years, public managers in Brazil and several other countries have sought the potential and speed of the Amazon Web Services cloud when they need to meet the needs of citizens and invest more time and resources in important missions. That's because, in addition to security and scalability, AWS cloud computing has a low cost and offers the necessary flexibility for government organizations to make a difference.

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