There is a very good best practice for troubleshooting and that is to think outside the box. It is well known and consists of abstracting the direct impacts of problems and trying to visualize what is causing the situation, that is, the reason. In this way it is possible to reach the solution.

This recommendation can also be used for other times. For example, to visualize opportunities to innovate in your business. Not with the aim of identifying a business opportunity, but thinking a little before that moment.

Think for a moment: if I were to modernize my business, what kind of resources would I have available to make it work? What exists in the market that could leverage my company with customers? Cloud computing is a good answer to these questions and below we will show you how it can be decisive for the innovation of your business.

Go beyond money and a good idea

We are in a technological era, highly connected and centered on digital entrepreneurship. These elements together are the right path to successful innovation. When we step outside the box and start to visualize the available resources, they immediately enter the list:

  • Unlimited access to information
  • speed internet
  • Mobile devices
  • New technologies such as Big Data and IoT
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

The interesting thing about this list, which at the moment is small, is that everything is accessible to companies of any size, so why not take the first step towards innovation?

Use cutting-edge technology

We will focus on technology because the purpose of the article is to show that cloud computing platforms can directly contribute to innovation.

To innovate today with the use of cutting-edge technology, a high financial investment is not necessary. With the use of services offered by the cloud, it is possible to start your innovation project with a minimal structure and progress according to the volume of business. This is in stark contrast to the scenario a few years ago, when companies were forced to invest in and maintain a high-cost computational park.

AWS is an example and stands out in the market as a leader, for presenting a technology structure and a set of cutting-edge solutions. With the Amazon cloud, it is possible to have access to a scalable and on-demand structure, which has attracted companies of various sectors and sizes. We have examples of businesses that are emerging in the market, even those that are already consolidated, but are looking to cloud services for the necessary innovation to continue growing.

Other points should be highlighted when thinking about migrating to cloud services, such as Amazon's: information security is one of them, in addition to support for various types of technology.

Large and small companies have innovated with the use of cloud computing

Today, innovation is available to everyone and, as you've seen, there's no shortage of resources. Now that you've stepped outside the box and identified the possibilities, try to implement your idea. The cloud path will certainly help you achieve success in this project.

Large companies have already consolidated themselves with the use of cloud services, through projects involving the web, Big Data, media, games, Internet of Things (IoT) and much more.

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