With the abundance of confidential and sensitive information circulating on the net, the risk of exposing accounting data is real. The accounting sector has believed in the potential that cloud computing has to offer to transform the sector and therefore, ensuring information security is part of the so-called cloud accounting priorities.

The Cloud Accounting Concept

Imagine your accounting firm and your customers taking advantage of all the benefits and resources of the latest generation of Information Technology, at a low cost and with plenty of security, in short, this is the concept of cloud accounting.

Accounting solutions are hosted on remote servers, using the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. Data is sent to the cloud where it is processed and returned to the user. All application functions are performed with an IT infrastructure, following the best market standards. All this with a lot of technological security.

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One of the great advantages of adopting cloud accounting is to promote innovation and technological advancement, without accounting firms having to invest in acquiring software, hardware and network assets in a local structure. The cloud also allows employees and customers to access the same data and the same version of accounting management software.

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Are accounting firms ready for the cloud?

Undoubtedly! Cloud computing arises to solve several problems in the routine of a typical accounting office. Such as accounting data storage, backup and recovery procedures, high availability and processing a large data load, these are some of the challenges that the accounting sector faces in order to expand in the market and achieve new strategic objectives.

In terms of information security, cloud computing is known for the high level of investments in infrastructure, certifications and compliance with the main regulatory bodies in the market, thus following the guidelines of the accounting sector, where reliability and availability are a priority.

Accounting in the Cloud has grown every year, as more and more offices and accounting professionals have relied on cloud services and achieved excellent results in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction.

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The future of cloud computing next to the accounting sector

Cloud computing is already well established in the market in several sectors, but it is only recently that accounting firms have started to take notice of the technology and reap its benefits.

Similar to the retail sector that started the transition a few years ago, the accounting sector has great potential with the migration to the cloud, professionals are increasingly looking to understand how cloud computing works and how to take advantage of the services available.

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