Cloud computing has declared the decline of the old method of processing information for companies. This new computing model not only gave greater freedom to users , who can now access applications from any environment and platform, but also allowed greater control and resourcefulness on the part of the companies' IT staff.

Well, ironically, what in theory should put an end to the IT career once and for all, acted beneficially in order to strengthen and facilitate the lives of many administrators. How was this possible? See below some steps that demonstrate that the symbiosis between IT and Cloud Computing has an extraordinary strength.

Control in IT: check out 4 steps that cloud computing can facilitate

End of hardware problems

Without the existence of hardware, or at least with its drastic decrease, the problems that these parts present disappear and, consequently, there is more time to worry about the variables and data of the system itself. No more wasting hours and hours locating and changing parts.

Platform incompatibility, never again

Anyone who has two or more computers on a network that don't use the same operating system knows what a headache it is to get even a simple printer working, imagine the conflicts that don't appear in complex systems. Well, cloud computing put an end to this story. Now the responsibility for integration is no longer the administrator's responsibility and passes to the cloud .

Extensive diagnostic tools

Now the IT professional has a beautiful arsenal of diagnostics and information analysis. One of these is Hyperic's CloudStatus , which notifies you when something is wrong with the web application.

Total dedication to information

With no hardware problems, no operating system conflicts and relying on a powerful set of analysis tools, it is possible to dedicate the maximum amount of time to performing the true function of the IT administrator, which is to manage the information generated, stored or processed by the company .

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