A globalized, highly competitive and growing environment, this is a common scenario for companies in the retail sector today. Adopting an efficient policy for managing the entire production chain has become a priority for those whose goals are to increase earnings, maximize profits and minimize costs. Cloud computing has become a strong ally to achieve these goals.

Imagining how the retail sector works, we have processes such as manufacturing, transportation, storage, sales, management, etc. A well-structured platform, built in the cloud, allows optimizing processes, adopting a new cost optimization strategy and assists in supporting important decision-making in companies.

A multi-tier based technology architecture

A proposed cloud computing architecture for the retail sector has a multi-layered structure. Composed of a set of solutions, services and infrastructure of different technologies, companies start to manage their business oriented to processes.

This IT structure created in the cloud, allows, for example, to generate information necessary to evaluate the costs of production and logistics processes and propose optimized solutions based on real data processed in real time. When well planned and executed, a Cloud Computing project can be applied to all sectors of the company.

The use of a cloud-based solution applied to retail is undoubtedly a viable project. Based on the idea that the entire architecture is provided as a service, this generates a large amount of benefits that revert to process improvement.

  • Cloud computing allows access to hardware platforms and software solutions without the need for acquisition costs. In the cloud you basically pay for what you use.
  • Small and medium-sized companies have access to professional solutions with less investment in IT.
  • The internal technology teams are used to help improve processes, seeking and developing solutions according to the company's needs.
  • The reduction of costs related to technology allows the redirection of the budget for the optimization of internal processes.

Streamlining Retail Industry Processes with Cloud Computing

It is worth noting that systems related to retail, based on cloud computing, also allow for better internal collaboration, efficient monitoring of the entire production chain that reflects in better products and services for customers.

Cloud computing comes as an instrument to aid in the principle of delivering the right product, in the right quantity at a minimum cost. However, the cloud does not do the work alone. Companies must adopt a good supply chain management policy, including all operational levels: from the product design stage to its operational functioning.

The integration of cloud computing into retail sector processes offers great benefits and financial returns, opening the door to sustainable market growth. Get in touch with Sky.One and find out how to start your cloud migration project.

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