For accountants, cloud computing has emerged as a huge opportunity for growth and the pursuit of market leadership. The cloud provides a new business vision. And for it to work, some changes are needed, such as culture and attitude.

Migrating to the cloud is not just about adopting a technology, but also about incorporating a new approach to work that will minimize administrative processes and several other benefits that are associated with Cloud Computing.

Ease of internal and customer accounting management

Versatility has always been a feature of accountants, knowledge of different types of markets has always made them understand the different systems and processes of their clients, in addition to their own business.

It is very common in accounting practice to need to manage your own internal systems and processes while being able to handle the technology used by your clients, who are likely to operate in a variety of different settings and IT systems. With the adoption of the cloud and the solutions hosted on this same architecture, standardization took place.

In terms of technology, this meant, for example, the application of the same form of access to systems via the Internet and the availability of new tools and solutions that catered to different types of customers. Adapting to the reality of the cloud was a simple process.

Ability to access customer data

Most business owners and managers know that the cloud has changed our idea of ​​how to manage business finances. Not long ago, annual accounts had to be completed before anyone knew for sure how the company's financial health stood. With cloud computing, companies can have, in hours or even minutes, accounting information that can be fully accessible and managed by the accountant or administrator.

With cloud computing, access to customer data allowed a synchronized view of information in real time which, consequently, helped in strategic decisions based on constantly updated information.

A huge cost reduction

The market for accounting and tax services is undergoing a transformation, mainly because customers are moving towards less costly accounting services, especially with the current financial difficulties that everyone faces, with the cloud accountants can offer more value services to different sectors and sizes of companies.

Cloud computing has enabled accountants to offer interactive services that meet the requirements of both small and medium-sized businesses as well as market giants.

Cloud computing is transforming the accounting industry by offering capabilities and streamlining accounting processes in order to reduce costs and adopt value-adding services on a subscription-based system. Services can include tax planning, profitability advice, cash flow forecasts and a real-time approach to digitized invoices. With software as a service, accountants will be able to offer services in a much more innovative way.

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