It is interesting to see that some managers still associate the use of cloud computing with startups and technology companies. Of course, in a way there is a good reason to think this way, after all there are several examples of large companies that emerged based on this profile.

But we have already seen, including here on our blog, the benefits of Cloud Computing for the health sector , and how all sectors can benefit from this technology and its resources. Although cloud computing seems to make no sense for the transport sector, there is great potential to be applied to this industry, including here at Sky.One we already have several success .

Reduction in IT infrastructure

This is a common benefit to all who adopt cloud computing, but especially in the transport area, it is worth noting that traditionally this sector uses its own network infrastructure and datacenter for business management. With the adoption of the cloud, companies have the possibility to use part of their investment in IT in other priorities, since a good part of the technology assets will be used from cloud computing providers, such as Amazon .

In addition to infrastructure as a service (IaaS), the transport sector can also benefit from software solutions offered in the cloud (SaaS). In this case, in addition to being favored with data storage, the company starts to use management tools in an infrastructure that saves time and money.

real-time management

The technology used in the monitoring and management of transport equipment allows connecting devices directly to the cloud, collecting data and images in real time, processing all information and directing the company towards important operational gains.

The use of cloud computing also allows you to perform analyzes based on data such as:

  • the number of passengers
  • fare collection
  • information regarding travel time and delays
  • vehicle information

All of this at a reduced cost, offering managers the possibility of quick adjustments and decisions, improving the quality of the service provided.

Companies that have not yet adopted cloud computing solutions carry out their management by collecting data locally and sending the information to be processed at different times, preventing the necessary adjustments when problems occur, causing financial losses and customer dissatisfaction.

competitive edge

The use of cloud computing in logistics and transport operations has changed the way to manage and streamline the supply chain and many companies are still struggling to adapt to the change.

The solutions provided through the cloud have made it possible to reduce losses for companies, minimizing damage with lost goods, as it is possible to efficiently track them, which helps in emergencies and contingency.

The adoption of technology has also made it possible to offer users differentiated experiences, as it allows the monitoring of logistical operations with real data, providing predictability and monitoring of deliveries.

Efficiency in passenger transport

Considering problems such as traffic congestion, increased pollution and the increase in transport infrastructure costs, both public and private, by air, sea or land, the solutions offered by cloud computing can provide a significant improvement in the quality of passenger transport. .

For the efficiency of transport we already have resources such as,

  • mobile Internet access,
  • location via gps,
  • intelligent fleet management,
  • taxi apps and car-sharing services,
  • fully integrated transport systems.

Associating all these resources with cloud computing technology will certainly provide greater efficiency in passenger transport.

New business opportunities

With cost reduction and greater efficiency in its operations, the transport sector has a great opportunity to leverage its business and invest in new opportunities. Although we still have problems related to road and rail infrastructure, investing in technology is the best way to reduce problems and improve services.

Undoubtedly this is the right time to start your cloud migration project and Sky.One has a great deal of experience with the transport sector. Get in touch with our experts and find out how we can help your company gain efficiency and do great business. [:]

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