Cloud computing has helped the supply chain reach its maximum potential, achieving more efficient means of collaboration, communication, shared risk and adaptation. With an increasing number of successful cases, the cloud has contributed with important lessons and the acquisition of good practices within the operational procedures of the sector.

The success of supply chains is increasingly defined by the company's ability to react quickly to the market and make strategic decisions. Therefore, let's see how cloud computing has helped to improve the performance of organizations with positive results for business growth.

More opportunities with cloud computing

Supply chain management is changing rapidly. For the growth of small and medium-sized companies , the key is to recognize the great opportunities and consider what are the possible implementations, such as cloud computing.

Sales and operations planning

The use of transportation management systems, spare parts management and store shelf optimization are strategies within the supply chain that have the greatest potential to yield a strategic and financial return from the use of cloud computing. Supply chains are greatly benefited by adopting, for example, ERP solutions in the cloud, which provide the management system across the entire company online and with real-time data.

Support for IT departments

Companies continue to challenge their IT departments to do more with less. The reality is that technology teams are practically focused on maintaining existing systems and infrastructure. On average, they allocate a low percentage of their budgets to new solutions. With the cloud, this scenario is reversed, as there is a strong reduction in operating costs related to technology. In this way, it becomes possible to make more investments in innovation and process improvement.

Relationship with suppliers and business partners

The relationship between suppliers and business partners continues to be a major challenge for most companies in the supply chain. Reality shows that the success of the connection between companies is much lower than expected, reaching even the search for new commercial partners. Cloud computing, electronic integration and communication, has contributed many benefits through global supplier networks.

Cloud computing platforms are becoming essential for large-scale supply chains as companies look for agility and speed in solving complex problems through more effective collaboration and processes.

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