Always seeking to meet the needs of consumers, the retail sector is constantly evolving. Influenced by e-commerce, what we have today is a market in strong growth, combined with interactive and connected consumption throughout the purchase journey. Cloud computing participates as one of the fundamental elements of this evolutionary process.

Still in the context of the retail sector, cloud computing is particularly efficient in collecting and analyzing a huge volume of sales data and managing inventory in real time. Points of sale generate large amounts of data per day and most retailers still do not have the necessary resources to capture and transform information into strategic decisions. There is great potential with the use of technology.

The future of the retail industry is in cloud computing

In this evolutionary process there are three main areas that retailers must develop:

  1. Innovation: as this constant evolution takes place, innovation is needed to streamline this process
  2. Agility: key factor to differentiate in the market, as it allows the rapid development and implementation of new solutions
  3. New technology: To stay ahead of the competition, it will be necessary to invest in new technologies and production processes

In this context, cloud computing emerges as a resource for retailers, creating the necessary agility to attract consumers. It is possible, for example, to adapt offers to meet the expectations of digitally connected customers throughout their shopping experience.

Additionally, retailers are starting to recognize cloud computing as a effective strategy that can enable rapid adoption of the latest solutions on the market. There are those in the retail industry who are starting to recognize the potential of cloud technology and are leveraging it to create competitive advantage.

The benefits of cloud computing for retail are numerous and can be applied in different areas of this sector:

  • Marketing and merchandising
  • inventory control
  • Outlets
  • supply chains

In common among the areas that benefit from cloud computing, there is the challenge of transforming a large amount of data, both internal and external, into relevant information, looking for new ideas and patterns, and converting them into strategic decisions.

Cloud technology can help personalize the in-store experience by analyzing digital data to fully understand your shoppers. As retailers adopt and leverage this technology, they find their way to market differentiator and competitive advantage.

Finally, a good cloud service provider, such as AWS, can easily help the retail sector understand its patterns and trends through a technological infrastructure. With this, it becomes possible to create analytical models and facilitate decision making.

Thus, retailers can increase their ability to predict customer behavior and plan next steps. You can then develop customer programs, marketing, merchandising, and pricing strategies to attract more business.

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