Today, only those companies that use the cloud for data analysis, collaboration and CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) can earn almost twice the revenue of those that have not yet adopted this technology. This is what concluded a study recently carried out by IBM , which had the participation of more than 800 IT managers. According to him, cloud computing can offer much more than just efficiency.

Through better customer relationships, providing data for better decisions, and deeper collaboration, it also enables companies to gain competitive advantages. No wonder the strategic importance of the cloud for leaders will double from 34% to 72% in 2016. Below, see how the cloud can increase the competitive advantage of those organizations that adopt it. Follow:

Enabling a better relationship with consumers

When it comes to engagement with customers, the cloud can be a great ally for companies when it comes to developing their strategies. This is because it offers managers a large amount of data related to customers and allows them to “dig deeper” to find valuable information about their preferences. Thus, they can know what the public wants and deliver increasingly better products and services.

In the IBM study, more than half of respondents said they are using the cloud to create innovative products and services faster. With technology, they are also able to integrate processes and systems – such as CRM – to better serve their customers and create social campaigns to engage them with the brand. Thus, new value propositions are created, which undoubtedly contributes to the company gaining competitive advantages in the market.

Enabling quick and assertive decision-making

Many leaders are also using the cloud to better analyze their business data and make increasingly assertive decisions. As information is stored and centralized in a single location, instead of being scattered across numerous servers and employee hard drives, managers are able to gain insights in real time and thus acquire a 'fresh' view of everything that is happening. in your company.

With the mobility provided by the cloud, it is also possible to make decisions anytime and anywhere, from tablets or smartphones. Even being hundreds of kilometers away from the office, managers can access the cloud-hosted platform and quickly access the information of interest. Thus, they do not waste time and are always one step ahead of their competitors, gaining competitive advantages in the market.

Providing better collaboration among employees

Cloud computing is also allowing organizations to better connect their employees. Approximately 60% of respondents said they were better able to encourage collaboration among their team members by rapidly disseminating information and sharing knowledge and skills among them. About 66% of them are also using the cloud to strengthen the relationship between IT and lines of business.

And your company, how has it gained competitive advantages with cloud computing? How has it helped your business to differentiate itself from your competitors?

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