Although much is said nowadays about cloud computing, many people still have doubts about this concept and relating it to the main advantages offered by those who migrate to this model.

In this way, many companies question the benefits of adopting a system that does not operate specifically on a physical server or that does not depend on certain machines to run. In this sense, then, there is another issue that may not be immediately assimilated to the cloud: mobility. After all, what does one thing have to do with the other? How do these two terms relate to bring competitive advantage, agility and improvements to my business?

The truth is that the two things have everything to do with each other and have profoundly changed the way the IT landscape behaves and how access to essential applications for companies happens now! Want to know why? Here are the top responses:

Access to strategic data remotely

When we talk about mobility, we are referring to the possibility of using your files, data and documents essential to work without having to be inside the company or in the office, for example. In other words, we are talking about the possibility of having mobile access to all of this, which can be done simply by using any device capable of accessing the Internet and with the proper authorization and login to enter the chosen cloud .

Likewise, in many cases it is not necessary to stay at the company until later, for example, to solve something that can be done online at home. We're talking about having your business virtually “from anywhere”, as Sky.One possible.

By accessing your business cloud on another computer, you can access the same online work environment shared with other people on your team, without necessarily having everyone gather in one place. With this, you, your business and your entire group can gain a lot in time, quality and productivity.

Increased availability as security

Resorting to cloud systems can be extremely useful precisely to ensure availability – that is, to ensure that information is up to date, accessible and organized by whoever needs to use it – without putting documents at risk, since they can be properly protected by passwords or authorizations, according to each member of your team, for example.

For a manager, it is extremely advantageous because it mainly allows control and greater monitoring and visualization of the procedures registered and operated in it, even if he cannot stay in the company all the time and keep an eye on everything. In addition, it centralizes and unifies data, which allows you to make use of information wherever you are and need to share changes and work files in real time . The cloud facilitates the work of people who are external, need to travel or move to clients and integrates teams, facilitating the work together even if they are physically separated.

Easily incorporate mobile devices into your business

Imagine yourself in an extremely important meeting, on which the decision of many articulators in your business depend to take new directions for the company. If this meeting is in another location, for example, you can easily share orders, messages, new opportunities and guidelines through your own smartphone, tablet or any mobile device where you have your data package connected to the internet.

The agility of information and decision-making grows a lot with this and, with everyone integrated into this system, the company no longer needs to wait for many urgent things to be done in person. Likewise, it is also possible to add everything on your mobile, such as documents in different formats (including video and audio) essential to the business, as well as contact and broadcast lists, agendas, etc.

The mobility brought by Cloud Computing manages very well to keep up with the company's needs for increasingly efficient and agile processes in today's market and, within this context, the culture of BYOD (Or "bring your own device") spreads as the trend that promises to streamline and increasingly integrate business communication, in which each person manages to be connected and on top of everything that is fundamental to the performance of their work.

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