The way companies store their data is changing radically in recent times. Until a few years ago, they resorted to physical IT infrastructures to store their business information. But nowadays, most organizations are migrating their data and applications to the cloud and taking advantage of its scalability, simplicity, security and economy on a large scale.

Today, relying on cloud computing for data storage is not something optional, but mandatory for any company that wants to maintain competitive advantages in the market. And with the right tools, managers can use this data to gain agility and deliver unique customer experiences. Below, see how companies are taking advantage of data hosted in the cloud. Check out:

Delivering unique experiences to your customers

When hosted in the cloud, a company's data and information allow its managers to provide their customers with an experience that goes far beyond the purchase. They can conduct increasingly relevant experiences for consumers and generate value in each contact, so that they are loyal, buy again and help spread the business brand throughout the market.

This is promoted through real-time data analysis from cloud-hosted solutions. With each customer's data, marketers can personalize every step of the buying process and deliver great experiences. This increases the chances of the consumer buying the product or service and optimizes the ROI (Return on Investment).

Simplifying processes and doing 'more with less'

Companies are also taking advantage of data hosted in the cloud to reduce the complexity of their organizational processes and streamline the activities carried out by their employees on a daily basis. It is for this reason that they are managing to do 'more with less', that is, to deliver more and more products and services and investing less financial resources for this.

All of this is possible thanks to the ability of cloud computing to bring about a profound change in the company's business model and to deliver new computing capabilities. With its solutions, obsolete processes are eliminated and the team starts to work in an integrated way, allowing it to focus on creating strategies that really generate value for the business.

Gaining agility to respond to market changes

These days, the speed with which a company deals with changes and meets customer expectations can dictate its success or failure in the market. Technological tools hosted in the cloud, allow organizations to collect and analyze the most relevant data related to their consumers and be able to respond to all their desires and needs.

These analysis tools also anticipate trends in each market and enable managers to 'foresee the future' and strategize in advance. Thus, your organization can launch unique and innovative products or services, gain competitive advantages in the market in which it operates and always stay one step ahead of its main competitors.

And your company, in what ways is it already taking advantage of data hosted in the cloud? Haven't gone to the cloud yet? Get in touch with Sky.One , an AWS strategic partner for cloud solutions, and find out how your company can gain agility, security and much more!


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