Security is essential when it comes to cloud applications. Do you know how security is done on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? We'll tell you everything!

Security on AWS is a concern for many companies that have adopted cloud computing . There are perimeters that must be secured, settings that must be monitored, data that must be encrypted, and threats that must be countered. But what can we do since Amazon Web Services (AWS) services are not operated on your company's premises? See what your approach should look like.

Shared Responsibility: Understanding Security at Amazon Web Services

Like most cloud computing , security at Amazon Web Services operates under a shared responsibility . Amazon takes responsibility for platform security, protecting customers' critical information and applications. However, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the AWS environment is set up securely and that data is not shared with anyone inappropriate.

First of all, understanding how security on Amazon Web Services works is essential to protect your cloud environments and ensure the efficiency of your applications. Let's get to know this point quickly?


Can you map your current network? Amazon Web Services cloud , you are able to visualize your complete infrastructure with just a few clicks.


Consistent, regular and exhaustive assessments carried out by specialized companies.

multilevel security

Amazon Web Services security includes data center , network, system, and data physical protection Additionally, AWS staff have limited and monitored access to customer instances.

Expert help

Amazon Web Services provides an extensive support network, including security support and strategic consulting. Thus, it is possible to create comprehensive security solutions for your business.

Time to meet Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

If you're in the cloud, you've probably heard of the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). It is critical to securing Amazon Web Services because it can:

  • Create a logically isolated environment on Amazon's highly scalable infrastructure;
  • Specify your private IP address range in one or more public or private subnets;
  • Control inbound and outbound access to and from individual subnets using stateless network access control lists;
  • Secure your instances with stateful filters for inbound and outbound traffic using security groups;
  • Attach an Elastic IP address to any instance in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so that it can be accessed directly from the internet;
  • Connect your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and your on-premises IT infrastructure with an industry standard encrypted VPN connection and/or AWS Direct Connect ;
  • Use a wizard to easily create your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in 4 different topologies.

Security on AWS: Security Groups

A security group acts as a firewall for your instance to control inbound and outbound traffic. For each VPC, you can use up to 5 security groups , which are tied to instances.

Using security groups , you can define strict criteria for accessing your instances, such as allowing SSH only from your company's IP.

Complementing Amazon Web Services Security with Sky.Saver

Security on Amazon Web Services offers more control and granularity. It is possible to adapt the platform's resources to the needs of your business, but the truth is that this does not always come cheap.

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With Sky.Saver, you get the security of EC2 instances at the price of SPOT instances. All this organized in an dashboard , where you can monitor your investments and savings in real time. The best part is that you only pay a percentage of the amount saved – in reais, of course! If you are looking for simplified management, Sky.Saver is the solution.

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