Michael Liebow, global managing director of Accenture Cloud, in his article “ How to Kill Your Zombie (Servers) Before They Eat You Alive ”, draws our attention to an interesting fact related to the existence of underutilized servers, which he calls “ undead server”, existing in the cloud architecture of many companies today.

In addition to the waste in relation to technology assets, he highlights the financial loss and other resources, which we can cite as an example, the consumption of electricity, environmental impact, etc.

And taking advantage of this hook from Michael Liebow , let's extend this concern to the use of cloud computing resources.

Our focus will be on hunting zombies

The author of the article presents some controversial opinions regarding the use of the cloud, which would be worth opposing with good arguments using the concepts and benefits of Cloud Computing, but this is worth a separate article and would escape our focus. Zombie hunting.

In the author's point of view, the automation promoted by the evolution of IT in companies results in the replacement of trained people by the agility of management, using automated technology processes.

One of the consequences would be, in Michael's opinion, on the part of companies that adopt cloud architecture, a disjointed approach in the automation process. They would focus on solving specific problems in an ad-hoc way and would not be focusing on a solution for the whole. Thus generating a horde of underutilized zombie servers, generating new problems and losses.

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The secret is in the definition in cloud architecture

To combat fragmentation, problems, and disruption, as described in the article, “enterprises must consider their IT needs holistically – not just one issue at a time.” It is needed more broadly, viewing points such as future growth and agile and efficient management that must be achieved with cloud architecture.

And we can go further. In addition to agreeing with the author's opinion, the strategy is much more assertive when you associate the vision presented in the article and transport it to the definition and planning of the cloud architecture. In this way, we will not only combat zombie servers, but will use all IT resources and services in an intelligent way.

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The efficient use of the cloud is made through the intelligent management of resources

Another point in Michael Liebow's article that is worth highlighting refers to the uncontrollable cost of companies in the use of resources through cloud architecture. Expenses can range from US$ 30,000 per month to US$ 100,000 or, in the case of some companies, they exceed these values.

The definitive extinction of zombies in a cloud architecture is solved through intelligent management with the analysis of indicators, tools that monitor the use of resources and applications and the optimization of the performance and security of all the assets and services that are part of the technological infrastructure of your company.

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