A survey carried out by Cisco and IDC pointed out that the adoption of Cloud Computing solutions can increase efficiency and reduce costs . IT executives from over 3,400 companies in 17 countries were surveyed. 57% of them stated that they already use or have solid plans to adopt the cloud in their operations; 53% of them also responded that they expect the technology to drive increased profitability in less than two years.

The survey intensified the thinking that companies can expand opportunities and drive the business and not just process improvement and increased efficiency. The storage of data or even applications in the cloud has become a reality not only in large companies but also in medium and small companies, which can only benefit from the new scenario. See how.

cost reduction

Before the cloud, companies that needed large storage capacities or more robust software, for example, had to purchase their own servers, install and maintain them. Which was not always synonymous with practicality, since not all capacity was used. In Cloud computing, the company acquires plans according to its need and periods that can be pre-established, paying only for the resources it needs.

Greater flexibility and scalability

The company has more clarity based on the analysis of the process and this offers greater flexibility when deciding whether to increase or decrease the technology infrastructure. If the company has gained from the cloud and is growing fast, there is no need to invest in a new server and hardware. Just keep making use of the technology once the resources are available. Which is very useful for seasonal businesses, which have peaks in demand.

Access to technology with low investment

Cloud Computing is a technology accessible even to small companies . Constant updates are also available for both large and small companies, that is, applications can be used on the same server, without the need to purchase the most modern server on the market. This is possible, because when contracting cloud services, like the solutions offered by Sky.One , the company only pays for a small part of a system, but with access to all its potential.

Software as a Service

In addition to being able to contract cloud services as needed, it is possible to purchase software as a service. In other words, you can pay for the right to use the software without having to buy it outright, which can be more expensive. Sky.One , for example, offers ConectSky, a service in which the company's employees can access any of its software from any device. In addition, every time there is an update, the customer has access to the newest version at no additional cost.

Greater commitment to customers

Cloud solutions tend to modify the relationship between the customer and the company, since the service provider must maintain excellence in actions. This is because if the customer is not satisfied, he can migrate to another company that offers similar solutions without losing anything with it, making the contracted company pay greater attention to its customer.

Planning is the way

The cloud is a viable alternative in many cases, especially when operations are suited to a cloud solution and when there is an appropriate process transition. What demands planning, so the company can concentrate on the market and on its own growth.

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