Technological innovation: this is the main reason why your client should adopt the cloud computing system as the basis of their IT infrastructure. With the digital transformation that we are currently experiencing, no company, regardless of its sector and size, can be part of this new digital era without resorting to the cloud.

Cost reduction could be another excellent reason to invest in cloud computing. But we have already passed this stage and this benefit is already incorporated into all the advantages related to the cloud. In this article we will go further there.

Information security is a priority

It is impossible to talk about innovation without relating it to information security. In the last year we have seen how virtual attacks evolve, which are produced with more intensity and which cause great losses for the company and its image, as in the case of ransomware attacks, for example.

Ransomware: it is necessary to talk about support and disaster recovery

The investments in information security are priority in cloud computing. AWS invests heavily in technology assets, and in the certification and compliance of the main organizations that regulate the various sectors of the market. Customer support in terms of prevention and response to incidents has also been a priority for Amazon.

Increase in professionals trained in cloud computing

Tech professionals incorporated into IT equipment already include the use of cloud computing in their training and professional experience. The management and the good practices associated with the infrastructure in the cloud are no longer an important challenge and currently produce excellent results.

Sky.One , for example, an official associate company of Amazon, is constantly perfecting its professionals, with more and more projects and the application of new technologies. This has led us to have a technical body of excellence, developing new products and services with a lot of innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Improvement of internal processes

Thanks to the investments made in the cloud, the production process of the companies has been perfected. The technology team has made the best use of time and financial resources in the search for improvements and better market practices.

Transferring a large part of the responsibility for the infrastructure to the cloud has made it possible to optimize investments, which brings positive and strategic results in business and in customer satisfaction.

Investing in computing on the cloud will surely bring a return on investment

One of the biggest concerns of IT managers is the ROI. There is certainty that investments in technology will yield the expected results and that they can be guaranteed in the medium and long term.

When investing in computing on the cloud, one has that certainty, and much more. This allows you to work on future projects based always on cutting-edge technology, with guarantees of security and high availability. In this way, a great market differential is achieved, in relation to competitors, suppliers and customers.

Bear in mind that, to be successful, it is not enough to just channel the investments towards cloud computing. It is necessary to develop high-level projects to achieve all the objectives. Put yourself in contact with Sky.One and see how to do it in the best way.

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