Technological innovation, this is the first good reason for your client to adopt cloud computing as the basis of their IT infrastructure. With the digital transformation we are currently experiencing, there is no way for companies, regardless of sector and size, to be part of this new digital era without using the cloud.

Cost reduction would even be a good reason to put it as the main reason to invest in cloud computing, but we are past that stage, this benefit is already incorporated in all the advantages related to the cloud. In this article we go further.

Information security is a priority

It is not possible to talk about innovation without associating information security. In the last year, we have seen that virtual attacks have evolved, happening with more intensity and causing great damage to companies and their image, like ransomware attacks.

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Investments in information security are a priority in cloud computing. AWS invests heavily in technology assets, certifications, and compliance with leading organizations that regulate different industry sectors. Customer support in terms of incident prevention and response has also been a priority with Amazon.

The increase of professionals trained in Cloud Computing

Technology professionals who are part of IT teams already add to their training and professional experience the use of cloud computing. The management and good practices associated with cloud infrastructure are no longer a major challenge and currently generate excellent results.

Sky.One , for example, an official partner company of Amazon, is constantly improving its professionals, with more and more projects and the application of new technologies, has led us to a technical body of excellence, developing new products and services with a lot of innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The improvement of internal processes

With the investments made in the cloud, the productive process of the companies has been perfected. The technology team has made better use of financial and time resources in search of improvements and good market practices.

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Transferring a large part of the infrastructure responsibility to the cloud has allowed investments to be optimized, bringing positive and strategic results in business and customer satisfaction.

The certainty of return on investment is investing in cloud computing

One of the major concerns of IT managers is ROI. It means making sure that investments in technology will have the expected results and that they can be guaranteed in the medium and long term.

Mission critical projects do not always justify the high investment

Investing in Cloud computing gives this certainty and goes beyond. It is the possibility of working with future projects always based on state-of-the-art technology, with guarantees of security and high availability. Becoming in this way, a great market differential, in relation to competitors, suppliers and customers.

Know that just directing investments in cloud computing is not enough to be successful on this journey. It is necessary to develop high-level projects to achieve all objectives. Get in touch with Sky.One and learn how to do this in the best way. Subscribe to our blog and stay on top of everything that happens in the cloud.

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