Due to the delicate moment resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, many companies had to adapt and adopt the home office model. According to a recent survey by consultancy Betania Tanure Associados (BTA), carried out with 359 Brazilian companies, almost half of this amount has already joined remote work as a direct response to the evolution of the coronavirus in the country. The study also points out that more than 60% of these companies observe the “adaptation of face-to-face activities to virtual ones” as the greatest challenge of the home office practice, and 45% indicate the “remote management of people”.

To deal with this new scenario generated by the confinement imposed with the spread of the coronavirus, it is essential that companies and professionals change their work logic.

Companies that have already migrated their systems to the cloud are at an advantage, as the cloud facilitates remote access and also ensures the simplification of strategic planning. However, the possibility of carrying out activities remotely does not exclude the concern of managers regarding the focus and performance of the team.

After all, how can you guarantee the level of employee engagement at this time?

We, from Sky.One , in order to promote greater interaction and support to our employees, chose to create an internal training platform, an employee support tool, with all the necessary information about the activities of each position, in addition to data general information about the company.

This platform, developed in record time and implemented this month, works as an integration process, keeping employees up-to-date with all processes and products in our portfolio. 

The main functionality of the tool is updating, created to guide professionals in their career path within the company. The idea of ​​the training platform was already mature and, with the team 100% home office, the moment became ideal for implementation.

Technology facilitates the team's work since all online content is updated weekly and can be accessed at any time, clarifying doubts, reinforcing information and leaving employees fully integrated within each process and area of ​​operation of Sky.One . 

Implementation of the training platform in times of home office 

The process of creating the tool involved numerous meetings to deeply understand the main needs of users and thus make it more functional.

The biggest benefit of platforms like this is knowledge management, as we ensure that everyone has access to internal knowledge, without having to build it again from scratch. We gained in scale, in communication and in the speed of transfer of information.

In this way, we will do online training with small audiences to facilitate the understanding of the content and we will divide the company by areas of activity. For larger areas, more groups will be targeted. The training works as follows: the professional attends the training, responds to the knowledge assessment and, if he scores above 80%, receives the certificate of completion.

We also have the Rewards Program, which depends on the completion of specific trails in each area. By completing the existing modules within each track, the collaborator earns badges and, by completing all the modules of the track, he becomes a Sky.One Gold Member.

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