For a company that is a solution partner and needs to improve its processes in addition to delivering more results, managing clients in a qualified manner is an essential point. And this autonomy to manage can be conquered by all the partners that use the ERP Leader of the Market, the most used ERP in the Brazilian market.

But for that, in addition to aligning and integrating the technological structure of each client, it is essential to understand that it is necessary to provide the best solutions for both parties.

And currently, there is no way to have full autonomy to manage Market Leading ERP customers without seeking to migrate the ERP system to the cloud . Seeking a dynamic business style nowadays involves making the entire IT area available in cloud computing .

Crashes, interruptions in the system, and consequently service interruptions that occur in the operation of each customer are often associated with problems in the system itself. But in fact, few stop to analyze that the big mistake is in the infrastructure that supports the operation behind it.

So check now how you can combine the cloud solution to benefit each user of the Market Leader ERP and at the same time have the possibility to evolve in autonomy to manage customers.

What is the importance of having autonomy to manage customers of the Market Leader ERP?

Allowing each customer to use their own server or data center to manage the operation can become a big problem. The capacity of the available resources is not always able to support all the existing demand.

All this causes delays and operational problems that can directly interfere with the smooth running of activities and also negatively influence results.

It is with this vision that the importance of investing in services related to cloud computing . For a business to be able to expand and operationalize all existing demand, it is essential to have the support of technologies that allow for continuous evolution.

And it's no different when we talk about managing clients. Having all the information spread out, with no way of organizing it, each one working in their own way, can have a very bad impact on management. It is necessary to have a high level of autonomy to make the necessary decisions and be able to serve everyone correctly.

But how to migrate to the cloud?

A major obstacle that arose for all companies that realized the great advantages of migrating their systems to the cloud, especially the Market Leader ERP, is the need to form a team, with specialist professionals, to develop the project and carry out the operation takes place.

This could take a lot of time and a high level of effort to put in place, something that no company can muster today. Therefore, it is necessary to have solutions that facilitate this process. Reaching this level of operation is now very easy thanks to Easy.To t . With this Sky.One , it is possible to optimize processes, gaining time to have more customers and generate more revenue.

The platform makes the data transition process from local servers, where they were previously allocated, to cloud data centers, as simple as possible, in addition to accomplishing everything in a short period of time.

It is an evolution of the data center service, so that everything becomes simpler for the customer, more economical and secure. And for you, who need to manage customers of the Market Leader ERP, there will be the assurance that the entire operation is in full operation.

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4 Key Benefits of Managing Market-Leading ERP Clients with the Cloud System

Business management software is vital for the proper functioning of companies, and therefore they need to be available at all times, in full operation. This is already a past guarantee when migrating the ERP to the cloud.

But check now what are the top 4 benefits for partners who need to have control of all this information.

1. Infrastructure overview

What is the current consumption of infrastructure that each customer is using? This is difficult information for a management team, as they depend on individual contact and analysis with each customer.

Already using a technology that provides the migration of the Market Leader ERP to the cloud, this complete view becomes practically instantaneous. This makes it possible to draw patterns and comparisons of customer consumption over time.

2. Simple management

To manage clients, it is important to have simplified processes, which optimize the routine and provide full support to the activities. This is one of the main advantages of migrating each client's ERP to the cloud with Easy.Tot, helping both parties to have productivity in the operation that really matters, and not paying attention to infrastructure problems.

3. Autonomy to restart processes and ERP systems Market Leader

Easy.Tot allows management to be much faster, enabling a high level of control when necessary, unlike processes carried out without using a cloud system.

With the external infrastructure, the necessary access and adjustment is done quickly, with complete autonomy for the solution partner. It's the best way to have peace of mind on both sides.

4. Scalability

Thinking about the scenario in which service demands will grow, systems will need to deliver greater data management. But with the allocation of data in the cloud, there is the great benefit of scalability.

That is, regardless of the processing level your system needs in the cloud, it will be met, as there is this possibility of growing without worrying about the infrastructure behind it.

Before, it would be necessary to make a good investment after a long time to be able to supply the demand. Now it's enough to focus on the business itself, without worrying about the IT part.

Now that you already know all the details that the migration of the Market Leader ERP system can bring, both for users and for managing clients who use the management software, be sure to check out all the details and other possibilities of Easy.Tot , the ideal tool to carry out this process quickly and safely.


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