The world of cloud computing – or cloud computing, as it is better known – is already a reality in the universe of solutions embedded in mobile devices. It is difficult to launch an application in which the storage and access of data in the cloud is not foreseen.

Faced with a society that no longer allows itself to live without its mobile devices, be they smartphones , tablets , drones , and wearables in general, the cloud tends to get stronger. It is certainly possible to make several public services more intelligent when using cloud solutions. Sky.One Sky.One to this scenario and manages to offer high performance solutions, as a result of its partnership with Amazon Web Services in which it offers the best in the market in terms of this segment, virtualization, in addition to providing specialized consultancy in the matter. .

There is enormous potential in using the cloud to serve public services. Check out how you can make these services smarter:

Mobility and Cloud

When we devise solutions to subsidize public services, it is always necessary to think about mobility. People started to stay connected 24 hours a day. In the urban environment, many streets are monitored in real time. Imagine the information traffic within this high connectivity scenario? What's the use of getting information and not being able to retain it? Want an example?

Let's think about public safety

Many crimes happen in cities, regardless of size. At a time when it is possible to count on technology to make cities smarter and from there to try to combat the risk of violence, the chances of a better quality of life certainly begin to become more accessible to the general public.

With the advent of mobility equipment such as the internet of things operating in environments, through objects with sensors, as well as people “wearing” objects that are also connected, it is feasible to integrate with security solutions in which any unpleasant event happening on the streets can immediately trigger a public safety officer. But for this it is necessary that the data is stored in the cloud, so that it is accessible from anywhere.

mobility information

The ease of capturing information through mobility is undeniable, and making this information travel within a large-scale environment, capable of storing thousands of data, and secure, enables the development of countless ideas that increasingly benefit the forum of public services. However, it is also important to invest in defenses against hackers and cybercriminals, protecting databases.

On the data security aspect, consumers should research the companies that supply their devices and the third-party apps that use the data, in addition to paying attention to the privacy policy in order to understand what is being done with their data. On the other hand, in the corporate universe, it is necessary to detect the type of information that the company will have to deal with, especially if it deals with information considered sensitive.

smart management

It is also possible to mention several applications capable of making public services more intelligent with the support of Cloud Computing, such as traffic management, management of hospitals with effective control of beds and patient demand, interaction with financial institutions, management of queues for various services enabling real-time tracking, and so many more. It is important to emphasize that the cloud is gaining more and more strength, but it is necessary to think about the best tools and have the support of the best specialists.

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