As much as migration to the cloud brings many benefits to companies, there are still questions about the security risks that this technology can offer. However, those who still have the thought that cloud computing is a vulnerable technology, it is worth remembering that it is much safer than the traditional methods of local servers, since it is usually managed by those who understand the subject and in data centers. modern.

In any case, cloud computing security also depends directly on migration planning, where it is necessary to define what should be migrated, what data should be better protected, which cloud model to choose, among other important factors.

Below we separate some important tips so that you can carry out the migration to the cloud in your company safely. Check out!

Identify the data that needs the most protection

Every company has confidential information that should never fall into the hands of third parties. Therefore, when planning your migration to the cloud, determine that all sensitive information should be in the most secure environment possible.

Each company has a type of need, so it is up to each one to map this information.

Check application compatibility

Those who intend to migrate applications to the cloud should be aware of the issue of compatibility. As much as the vast majority of software and services run in the cloud, in many cases it is necessary to perform optimizations in order to make them more efficient in this new model.

Therefore, to carry out a migration safely, it is important that each step is planned. You can, for example, select some specific applications to run from the cloud in a test phase to receive user feedback on how it works.

Define the steps for the migration

Another important point to safely migrate to the cloud is to define the steps for the migration process itself.

At this stage, it is important to determine deadlines for the migration of applications and data . In this case, some companies choose to migrate everything to the cloud at once, however, depending on the complexity of your business, this task can be risky. In general, there is no rule, but it is interesting to start with the migration of less critical applications and gradually transfer the others.

Choose a good provider

Choosing a good provider is one of the main factors to be observed when migrating to the cloud safely. In this case, it is necessary to assess whether the company fits all cloud computing policies. In addition, it is necessary to assess the provider's ability to meet large demands and deliver what is agreed. Establishing SLA agreements are critical to this step.

Engage your IT security team

To ensure a smooth migration to the cloud, it is critical to involve the IT security team from the beginning of the project. These professionals will be able to present the precautions that must be taken, in addition to having the experience to discuss technical measures with the cloud provider.

Select the proper architecture

Seek with your supplier a safe and intelligent architecture that involves backup solutions, virtualization, storage, among other resources.

Another point to note is the security features that will ensure the protection of information. In this way, also try to specify features such as encryption, firewalls, detection of malicious presence, open ports, search for vulnerabilities, among others.

take tests

After migrating to the cloud, try to define a trial period to perform tests before deactivating your local servers. This step is important to evaluate performances, correct failures, test compatibility and only when everything is stable, it is recommended to grant access to the entire company.

There is no denying that migrating to the cloud brings many advantages to companies. However, those who still don't have experience with this technology are normal to have a dose of insecurity when migrating their company's services.

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