The innovation potential provided by cloud is proven by the large number of innovative projects and market solutions that have enabled the creation of new concepts such as the collaborative economy, disruptive innovation, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, among many others. other technologies.

As an example of this innovative capacity, we can highlight several successful cases in the market that use cloud computing as an important strategic factor. Good examples are Netflix, Reddit, Coursera, NuBank, Peixe Urbano and many other startups and large companies that use AWS as a technological infrastructure.

It's not just technology that innovation is made of

An important and considered high-risk point in the strategic decision to migrate a company's operations to the cloud is directly linked to human capital. The big challenge, in this case, is to be able to reconcile the use of technical resources available in cloud providers, such as AWS , together with qualified personnel.

Despite so much technology available and successful cases, without the existence of specialized labor, the technological advances that innovation and entrepreneurship can provide will not advance. Knowledge and experience are key to getting where we are and where we are going in the future.

The continuity of this wave of progress of which we are a part depends more and more on training initiatives and experience development, both on the part of companies and on individual attitudes with the aim of developing and optimizing all existing operations in the cloud.

There is a growing demand each year, both for the development of the technologies and for their support. Analyzing cloud computing technology, we can see the following table that defines the demand for professionals:

Cloud Computing in the Infrastructure view

  • Systems and network administration

  • database administration

  • Data storage, backup and recovery

  • Security, encryption, user management, incident prevention and handling

  • Migration of databases, servers, data and applications

Cloud Computing in the view of technology development

  • Web and mobile system development

  • game development

  • Artificial Intelligence, BI and Internet of Things

  • Tools for enterprise development, management, and productivity

  • Digital media

  • Health and life sciences

  • Financial services

Cloud Computing in the analysis and management view

  • Project management

  • Requirements analysis

  • Business and process analysis

  • Quality management

The lists can expand to several other areas, but the important thing is to highlight the need for skills in different areas of knowledge that can enhance the use of all the resources offered through cloud computing technology.

Expanding this potential use is what makes the cost-effectiveness of companies migrating to the cloud even more efficient. In fact, there is a sharing of gains both for companies and for professionals who work in all these areas of knowledge.

Partnership between companies and workforce

We have seen that companies that migrate their operations to the cloud now have demands in the management of existing resources, in the support of operations and in the management of future challenges aimed at expanding and creating new technologies.

We still have a demand for qualified professionals, which requires investment by companies to seek and develop the necessary skills, and also depends on personal initiatives to take advantage of existing opportunities and develop fundamental skills such as leadership, teamwork, time management, among other tasks.

Most important of all that has been said during the article is the company's vision; it is important to understand all scenarios and develop adequate planning, based on risks and priorities, which allows for medium and long-term growth.

It's amazing all the potential and opportunity created by cloud computing . That's why you and your company must be a part of it all. Sky.One Sky.One solutions and highly qualified technical staff , can help with your migration project and also with the optimization of your operations. Get in touch with our team and see how we can help you.


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