The AWS Calculator is an amazing tool: its function is to estimate your costs with Amazon Web Services (AWS) services. Come with us to learn when and how to use it!

The AWS calculator is a very simple tool. Basically, it will help you estimate the costs of Amazon Web Services (AWS) services, taking into account your specific case, based on the expected usage. In addition, it also allows you to save and share this data via a unique URL.

When to Use the AWS Calculator

The AWS Calculator is used to estimate or compare infrastructure costs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). When conducting load tests on expected volume in production, it is recommended to use it to correlate system performance and metrics with AWS cost. In production environments, the AWS Calculator helps you quickly detect cost anomalies for applications.

How much does the AWS Calculator cost?

The AWS calculator is free. Its basic function is just to offer an estimate of the amounts that will be paid at the end of the month. Of course, these values ​​can vary monthly, according to your use. If, for example, you use T2 and T3 instances, there is a limited amount of CPU credits per month. This means that you may have your processing capacity reduced if you use up your quota.  


The AWS Calculator has two tabs: services and estimating your monthly bill .

The “Services” tab lets you choose an AWS Region, corresponding services, and specific entry forms so you can get the most accurate estimate possible. When you choose a region, the list of services automatically changes to those available where the request will be made.

The “Estimate Your Monthly Bill” tab provides a detailed, real-time view of your monthly costs as you enter amounts for AWS services. The estimate shows the total one-time costs and monthly recurring costs. On the right hand side are several client templates that you can load to get started with a specific use case.

Entering Values ​​for Services in the AWS Calculator

Once you've identified the services you want to use from Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can begin entering your values ​​into the calculator. Remember, choose the appropriate AWS Region first. You can select AWS South America , São Paulo region to get specific pricing for that region, for example.

If you're using Amazon EC2 , you'll need to add a new line and provide the number of instances, planned usage per month, instance type, and operating system. You must then select a billing option, such as on-demand or reserved.

You can also specify values ​​for elastic block storage, elastic IP, data transfer, and elastic load balancing volumes. You can select other AWS services listed on the left and enter parameters for those as well.

How to estimate your monthly bill with the AWS Calculator

After entering the necessary service and usage parameters for your application, you can review the automatically generated costs in the “estimate of your monthly bill” tab. The function of this tab is to provide, in detail, the costs of each of the services for which you entered values ​​in the “services” tab.

Each line also breaks down the granular costs for that service so that you can understand the individual pricing of resources. Finally, the tab summarizes the total monthly cost and any one-time costs. This estimate provides the same types of information you'll see on your actual AWS bill.

However, keep in mind that this is only an estimate of charges for using AWS services based on the information you provide: monthly bills will reflect your actual usage of AWS services.

How to reduce AWS infrastructure costs?

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