By: Roberto Arruda*

We all know that changes are constant, the new normal tests our ability to adapt to a totally unlikely scenario. It is impossible to try to anticipate or predict the future, but we know that we are experiencing an enormous challenge at an extraordinary speed. How are we going to face these challenges?  

Crises generate permanent changes. Along my journey, I experienced some challenges that had great economic, financial and people impacts. At times like this, some rules need to be followed: you have to look at people, as it is a situation of great anxiety and uncertainty. A very transparent and direct communication must be created, which transmits confidence, creates optimism and positive experiences. And, of course, look inside and outside: ask yourself how your company is doing right now, what your priorities are, how your customers are doing and what you can do for them.  

This is the right time for companies to take values ​​and culture from paper and speech and present them in practice, and the leader has a fundamental role in this process. Inspire and help people to bring out their best now. It is essential to understand the true dynamics of leadership to overcome this period!

What some of us experienced several years ago, Plano Collor in the 90s, or the corporate bubble in the 2000s, had enormous economic, financial and people impacts. I remember in 2001, Cisco Systems , the company I was working for at the time, an internet giant, one of the most valuable companies on Wall Street, laid off something like 20% of its employees.

But what is different now for facing the crisis and resuming? Two points call my attention: advanced technology and the available infrastructure. In past crises we did not have as many resources available. They will transform the way we deal with today's challenge.  

How we relate, how we communicate, how we are working remotely will transform the way we do business. The cloud, for example, is an infrastructure available to resume business quickly. Scalability, performance, security, mobility, today, are available to you.  

At Sky.One , we started a campaign for our partners' customers so that they can start this adoption and feel safe. There are 30 days free for up to 5 users, and thus they can reduce the impact on their day-to-day. If they're not ready, they can switch back to their local servers at no cost.

Finally, another important point is how together we will prepare for the resumption of business. I'm talking about the sales force. The way, the how, will change. New skills and competences will be required, ranging from the way they do prospecting, to the way of reviewing the proposal with the client. Significant changes in relationships between companies will require new preparation, new engagement. I even presented these topics in more detail during the Sky.One Marathon, click here to access the content!

We want to support them so that the resumption is accelerated. You are very important to Sky.One and together we will work on the new normal to come out stronger.  

*Roberto Arruda is Sky.One 's Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

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Sky.One Team

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