Until 2018, according to ABES , the Brazilian Software and Services sector had around 19 thousand companies. In this scenario, revenue growth amid so much competition is one of the main challenges for any software company. It is therefore necessary to improve and increase sales to gain space in the management systems sector .

Therefore, the sales strategy for your management system must first contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and the productivity of your salespeople.

And it was thinking about helping you that we developed this content with the main tips to increase sales of your company's management systems.

3 ways to increase sales management systems

Each company can adopt a different strategy to market management systems and software, but here are 3 essential tips to achieve the goal of increasing sales.

1. Expand your portfolio through systems integration

It is common for each company nowadays to use a series of different software to be able to have all the functionalities they need in their routine. And this is a reality that spreads across all areas of the company, becoming a common behavior of software users.

For retail companies , for example, it is necessary to use a marketing platform, one for data analysis, another as a CRM, in addition to the ERP which is essential for inventory management. But in the end, the main needs are for systems integration, between all these platforms .

This just proves that having the acquisition or subscription of software that facilitate or have integrations is a differential in the market to reduce costs, eliminating efforts of manual work with data transfer between systems in various areas.

In this case, it is very important to have in your sales model the offer of integrations for several other systems, you will certainly be able to carry out a more effective customer service process and with even better conversion rates.

It doesn't matter how good your product or service is. If there is no integration offer linked to it, it will be more difficult to close sales. But an alternative is also to rely on a partner integration platform, which does this work together with hundreds of other partners.

2. Promote your business online

Approaching the B2B segment , you must carry out consultative sales, which makes it difficult to scale your management system sales, and an effective way to improve this result is to promote your company and its solutions online .

Depending on the type of system that your business sells, you can choose to implement an online store even if it is for companies, with self-service offers. Digital Marketing strategies to generate leads.

The main idea of ​​using this type of online advertising is to position your company in online searches. Thus, the chances of receiving customer contacts increase considerably.

That way, you can use actions like:

  • System presentation pages;
  • Contact banners;
  • Conversion forms;
  • Quantitative or qualitative discounts;
  • Special pages for new products;
  • Availability of information 24/7.

Focusing on these opportunities provided by the online environment, all customer orders can arrive automatically if you use a store. And if you invest in content and other offers, contact requests from potential customers also reach your sales team.

3. Track sales performance based on indicators and metrics

To increase sales management systems, you need to continuously optimize the sales process itself . And to identify which approach works or which customer profile generates the highest sales volume, it is necessary to monitor performance based on indicators and metrics.

By following statistics and more qualitative data as well, ideas of questions that you can start asking yourself to find levers of growth . And from the answers, you will be able to optimize your sales flow. Some examples of questions are:

  • What is the customer's behavior during the sales process?
  • What kind of offer increases the customer's chances of purchasing the system?
  • What key action does the best salesperson take when contacting customers that I can replicate throughout the business process?

But speaking of numbers, there are also a series of key indicators that support your decisions regarding sales strategies. Some of them are:

  • Cancellation fee;
  • Average monthly payment amount;
  • Time taken to close a new sale;
  • Comparison of the volume of contacts handled month by month.

With this follow-up, you'll start to see patterns that will allow you to adjust your sales approach based on concrete data. And when new data is received, you can repeat the process to further optimize your sales.

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