The biggest innovation for companies and corporations is cloud computing, due to the technology it offers, security and practicality that only cloud computing systems have.

In addition, as everything is available on the internet, it is not necessary to use physical media such as pendrive and external HD to transfer and store important files. This facilitates the sharing of information and documents with the people involved within the company. Not to mention the financial savings of other resources and even the physical space of the company.

It is worth remembering that only authorized people and devices can access these documents, with the cloud being ideal for storing information and documents, as they can also be password protected and only employees and authorized people can have access to them.

What are the benefits of using cloud computing solutions?

There are several benefits of choosing to work with cloud computing within a company. Not to mention that this innovation in 2016 promises to make all the success and be the best partnership that your company can do this year.

In an era where sustainability is the focus, in addition to ease, mobility and security, clouds also offer material savings, as to use them you only need a good internet connection, and also reduce energy expenditure, which already that you don't need extra devices to operate. In this way, the cloud avoids wasting natural resources.

In addition, the world is increasingly involved with technology, many companies are following this transformation and investing more and more in this sector, whether in modern devices, better connections, or even in applications. However, the cloud is the bet for 2016, mainly in mobility.

Mobile devices are gaining incredible strength within companies, after all, mobility is a great promise for better developments and even logistics within a company. If used with the cloud, mobile devices are unbeatable tools ready to go and update data in real time. Therefore, in addition to material savings, time and even money are also saved.

How to choose the ideal cloud for my company?

The cloud offers numerous advantages, but ideally, your choice should always have some main factors in mind when deciding which system to choose, such as:

  • Data storage security;
  • Confidence and better data management;
  • Technology;
  • Tools available;
  • Mobility.

These are just a few items to be analyzed when defining your cloud. In general, it needs to be suitable for your company's use, and can be basic or even with all the technological resources available. In this way, adapting the service to your needs.

The AWS cloud offers more advantages and security for your company. This is the key factor in achieving the promised success for 2016 with innovation and the cloud.

If you want security for the cloud, Sky.One offers the ideal service for you to take your company. It's fast and easy.

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