The internet of things – Iot is present in virtually all market sectors. It is revolutionizing the daily lives of millions of people and making life more efficient in the use of the most varied products. Have you ever imagined having a device or equipment at home or office being triggered by a built-in sensor acting through data connected only to a network or cloud? Is this the future or the reality experienced in recent times!

Therefore, there is an interrelationship between Iot, cloud and PassS services, aiming to further improve this new type of technology. And, of course, making life much more simplified, practical and fully functional without the manual interference of certain systems!

Here you will get information on how they are related and what are their benefits. Check it out below and see how significant this relationship can be for your company!

Relationship between Iot, cloud and PassS

With technological modernity increasingly the Iot - Internet of things, products are being created from virtual mechanisms capable of being activated automatically in the cloud.

Therefore, the use of a service platform, PasS, which guarantees applications, development tools and flexible resources to leverage business is increasingly necessary, if not essential.

Based on this premise, the relationship between Iot, cloud and PasS is everything a company needs to be successful in managing its services, taking the efficiency of activities to an above average level, in addition to the security that this type of modality offers.

Thus, the combination of these 3 components will make the services much more effective, agile and customizing time and also money for the company. Productivity will certainly increase as well as the ease of worrying about keeping data trapped in a single access location.

Benefits between Iot, cloud and Pass

  • More agility and practicality in the company's management processes;
  • Flexible space for using many technology resources;
  • In the PasS model (platform as a service), the company can customize digital resources (applications, tools and languages) according to its needs and type of business;
  • It is possible for the customer to develop their own applications and functions that they want;
  • Cost savings;
  • Sharing of data, documents, instant messages, videoconferences, folders, files, among other team activities, being able to access from any device, anytime, anywhere;
  • Increased data security.

Have you noticed that the relationship between IoT, cloud and PaaS is dynamic, necessary and highly productive to implement in your company? That's all she needs to achieve high performance in business!

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