A joint venture offers a convergent and complementary portfolio for several verticals, with emphasis on industry and retail.

Sky.One Sky.One with DB Master, a company nationally recognized for its expertise in database management and information technology solutions, to announce the creation of a corporate joint venture, Sky.One & DB Master . The purpose of this partnership is to provide a unique offer for customers who demand robust cloud infrastructure solutions with database management and structuring.

“ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), or Software Developers in Portuguese, have been receiving more and more demands to deliver a truly cloud solution. The procedure requires more than simply uploading the app to the cloud. Without the right tools and procedures, applications can malfunction both from a technical and financial point of view”, explains Ricardo Brandão, CEO of Sky.One .

Sky.One has a platform that simplifies the migration and maintenance of complex cloud systems, while DB Master specializes in database management in critical operations. The two companies together bring a unique offer to the market, already in line with the General Data Protection Act (LGPD). The norm, which comes into force in 2020, causes customers to have new costs and investments in information technology, since data now has a higher level of protection.  

“DB Master is one of the main providers of database management solutions in Brazil, maintaining a close partnership with the largest technology manufacturers in the world, such as Oracle and Microsoft, and has more than 20 years of experience in IT-oriented services. Our solutions minimize and control risks, reduce costs and improve processes.”, explains João Carlos Oliveira, CEO of DB Master.

“LGPD requirements bring new demands to customers, making a single solution simplify this adaptation. The new company is already structured with the added knowledge of Sky.One and DB Master, which facilitates the path of our customers in the digital transformation in search of efficiency, security and reliability”, completes Brandão.  

Flávio Barros, CEO of Consinco, a company specialized in supermarket, wholesale and distribution management systems, sees the union as a notable competitive advantage. “The two companies, Sky.One and DB Master, are Consinco's strategic partners. We are sure that the new offer will help our customers on their journey to digital transformation, which is a fundamental step for the success of their respective businesses.”

Among the main benefits of this union we can highlight:

  • Complex and heavy integrations with your Database;
  • Extraction of BI reports without degrading your environment;
  • Specialists with skills to perform updates in the application layer.

Do you want to know more about the union between Sky.One and DB Master? Go to https://skyone.solutions/conteudo/jv-db-master/

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