Thinking about the skills of a professional specialized in cloud computing leads us directly to basic skills in the areas of network administration or systems and infrastructure. However, in recent years the technology applied to the cloud has evolved a lot and new solutions related to software development have already emerged with their architecture making use of cloud computing.

Therefore, with the increasing convergence between network architecture, infrastructure and software development, the profile of the cloud specialist in the latter needed to have their vision and knowledge expanded to new areas of activity, which are becoming increasingly essential for serve this potential market.

New skills for an increasingly sought-after professional

If before the cloud computing professional was very connected to the operations part, today he already has an active participation in the design of solutions, in decision-making and in the monitoring of projects. Let's check the skills of this new profile.

  • Information security

This skill is not new for anyone who works with networks and servers, but it is becoming increasingly necessary for specialists and is mainly being charged as an essential profile of a professional.

This is because security has always been one of the main concerns for companies moving to the cloud. Now that this barrier has been overcome, a curriculum that does not have a good background in the area of ​​information security is at great risk of being ignored.

  • Project management

Even if you don't intend to become a project manager, either because of your more technical profile or because you don't think about it in the short term, it's essential to understand how project management works, its steps, customer involvement , the processes that are related, etc. It makes the cloud computing professional have a broader view of the entire project and improves their participation throughout the cycle of activities. It also facilitates the integration with professionals from other areas and the execution of tasks.

In addition, for a long time the infrastructure professional lived isolated in his area of ​​activity, carrying out his activities and with little idea of ​​what was happening with the project, today his participation has become closer and more decisive.

  • software architecture

As mentioned earlier, new software solutions already include cloud computing in their business strategy and architecture. Technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile applications, digital media, games, artificial intelligence, etc., are already presented in their concept using cloud computing, including as a competitive differential.

At this time, a professional who “lives in the clouds”, with knowledge in software architecture, will be a key player in decisions related to the design of solutions from their conception to the evolution of the product.

  • Migration to the cloud

With the strong migration of companies to the cloud professional specialists in cloud computing with a profile in migration becomes very important Many want to be in the cloud and enjoy all the benefits, but some have no idea how to make this change.

The migration specialist will be able to analyze the feasibility, as well as create special projects to meet the demands of those who want to change their solutions and data to a well-consolidated cloud, as is the case with AWS .

Other professional skills are also considered essential for new projects, solutions and migrations to cloud computing, such as database, containers and DevOps.

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