Security, mobility, flexibility and cost reduction are just some of the benefits currently offered by cloud computing solutions. A company can use cloud computing as a strategy to complement existing infrastructure and move to a more efficient level in the enterprise.

There are some factors that show that the cloud is really ready to leverage business , and in this post we highlight some so that you understand the possibilities that working with cloud computing offers:


The same security rules that apply to a traditional database apply to the cloud. You never skimp on security issues, no matter where your data is saved.

AWS is considered the largest provider of cloud services in the world, offering its customers certified data centers for the use of SaaS (Software as a Service), which means that the systems that work with its operations have undergone an audit of comprehensive security .

The Power of the Cloud and Open Source

The Internet has always been an important component of free (open source) software such as HTML, Java, PHP, and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl). Today, there are many options from open source to cloud and data center applications to SaaS.

A recent Accenture survey of 300 business executives showed that 76% believe that quality is the main benefit of open source, while over 70% agree that open source is more secure and reliable.

Migration is not an all or nothing

Most companies migrate to the cloud in small steps, learning along the way. A good way to start is to segment the company's portfolio into three groups:

  • What is worth migrating right away;
  • What can you expect;
  • More delicate functions, which will be migrated in the near future.

This hybrid start-up allows companies to migrate less critical applications while keeping the most sensitive business functions in place. This strategy has other advantages: when older servers go down, they can be removed and workloads can be migrated to the cloud, avoiding the purchase of new hardware to replace them. Thus, the company can use cloud computing to complement and extend the existing infrastructure , instead of completely migrating all its systems.

The cloud elevates the role of IT

In 2012, an international survey by Gartner showed that an IT department in an average company spends 67% of its budget on maintenance and only 33% on building new systems to grow and transform the business. Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite of the ideal scenario for business success. Management typically looks for lighter departments, wants less waiting time between ideas and deliveries, and wants to do all of this for less money.

For this, a company needs to make intelligent use of new technologies such as cloud computing and provide more strategic services that really benefit companies. The cloud can raise the IT department to a much more strategic level and encourage new, more relevant IT partnerships within companies.

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