Many companies are using cloud computing to accelerate their digital transformation and market presence strategies . The cloud provides a consistent set of capabilities for innovation. In this transformation, it has been possible to reuse company data more efficiently as part of a more modern development and management ecosystem.

The growth in the use of the cloud in its different types of service has indicated a great incentive for innovation. The use of the cloud, for example, has contributed to the development of new and revolutionary software . The cloud computing framework is becoming the platforms for developers to build their solutions, going beyond a place used for hosting and testing their products.

The use of cloud computing as a paradigm of digital transformation

Major digital transformations are taking place in the cloud. The creation of innovation laboratories with state-of-the-art infrastructure, associated with new technologies, has been responsible for the emergence of a new paradigm of solutions and companies that have emerged in the market.

An important starting point of this transformation has been data analysis. A new way in which data is collected and analyzed has revolutionized analysis tools, generating new information that companies have used in important strategic decisions, in their evolution and digital presence.

Combined with the cloud infrastructure, such as AWS, the solutions developed are expanding and offering increasingly efficient, secure and strategic services to the market for companies. Another factor driving the adoption of Amazon as a cloud computing platform is always being connected with new technologies such as IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence and many other cutting-edge innovations.

Accessible digital evolution for all companies

Many companies are starting, with the use of cloud computing, to boost their digital transformation . By adopting solutions such as HR, payroll, sales and management in the cloud, they have modernized their technology infrastructure. This becomes a key differential to achieve the evolution they are looking for.

The biggest challenge of this digital transformation is to achieve a balance between the new features of the cloud and the services offered to the real needs of companies. It is necessary to add value, evaluating whether the resources offered can really improve the current business process.

An important strategy for overcoming challenges and achieving digital transformation and presence is practice and successful case . Sky.One , it is possible, with the experience acquired in different deployment and migration projects to the cloud, to help different companies achieve their objectives by finding solutions and infrastructure that are adequate to their real needs.

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