By: Ricardo Brandao

What if I knew yesterday everything I know today? I bet you've asked yourself that question.

With me it was no different and if today I had the opportunity to go back and give myself some advice when I started my entrepreneurial journey at Sky.One , they would be these…

Reflect on your relationships

I remember our first customer at Sky.One … He came from our old company, we had an older connection.

He didn't know exactly what the new product was, but he was open to knowing and bet on the idea! And I'm very happy that he's still a customer!

As an entrepreneur it is very important to cultivate your network, as people usually do business with whom they trust.

This gives you the opportunity to use them to test new products and learn from what matters most: the customer.

Strengthen your connections. The people you cultivate a relationship with today may become a business tomorrow.

Recognize who is part of your success

It's not news that the success of any company is in sales, that's why our first employee was a Salesperson.

We hire someone willing to know the product and develop strategic prospecting skills, without neglecting after-sales relationship management.

Experienced and sagacious, he embraced our idea, our values. He embraced the collaborative spirit and passion for the business that we have here at Sky.One .

This helped us to increase the sales funnel, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Sky.One Sky.One on the market for five years now, but there's still a long way to and that goes for your company, too.

Look around you and recognize who is part of your success every day. They are the ones who will be with you up front!

keep your feet on the ground

If you are thinking about starting a startup, get ready to spend a period without earning anything or even investing your own pocket money.

Without good planning, it's hard to find the best ways to create a scalable product.

But don't let that get in the way of celebrating everyday accomplishments.

Acknowledging small wins helps relieve stress and boost team morale, giving them the motivation they need to keep sweating for the business.

Trust your vision but be flexible

Be ready to change the original business model until it's what your customer really needs.

It's crucial to be quick and flexible, so teaming up with people who complement your skills can be very helpful.

They can help you see challenges from new perspectives, promoting valuable insights

The entrepreneur's journey is full of enlightening situations that can light the way for your company and take it to the next level.

I don't have all the answers, but maybe this advice could have shortened some paths.

My main lesson from all this was to be open to change and to have the sensitivity to absorb this knowledge from my daily life.

Time passed, the numbers arrived and through them we saw the result and the excellence of our work:

In 2017, Sky.One received a contribution of 22.5 million from Invest Tech. In 2018, our collaborative and disruptive culture earned us the Great Place For Work seal.

And today we are ranked among the top 10 positions in the ranking of the 25 Top Startups most desired to work for according to LinkedIn Brazil 2018.

And you, what can you learn from yourself today and change to get results?

If you identify with our company, come work with us: .

Written by

Sky.One Team

This content was produced by SkyOne's team of cloud and digital transformation experts.