We are experiencing the democratization of access to credit through the acceleration of technologies for the financial sector together with management software. The most recent offers involving Linx and Stone can prove this thesis .

We know that ERP is one of the main generators of financial transactions between companies and their consumers. It is at the heart of any company as all processes pass through the system, from stock control to controlling payments, receipts and other cash flow .

All of this information, contained in the business management system, is the key to starting the banking movement in the management software sector in Brazil.

It is clear that today ERP systems can become true fintechs , offering banking services. And the union between large companies in highly competitive markets – such as ERPs and payment machines – speaks volumes about this moment.

Linx and Stone case

During the month of August 2020, it was announced on several portals that Stone had purchased Linx for BRL 6 billion, in a transaction with a high impact on the market. Despite not having been completed up to the present moment (on September 1st, the offer rose to R$ 6.283 billion after the interest of Totvs and the possibility of a larger offer by Rede), everything indicates that the outcome this will really be it.

But what is really behind this transaction? Well, we need to understand the current role of each company in the market and what paths are being outlined:

  • Linx : one of the most used ERPs in the retail segment;
  • Stone : one of the leaders in means of payment, recognized for the dissemination of payment machines.

Behind Stone's interest in Linx is the fact that Stone would like to improve its customers' payment experience and be able to offer simplified banking services, democratizing access to credit for its customers, especially SMEs.

Now talking about Linx's interests with the merger, it is clear that the company has become one of the largest retail ERPs through other mergers in the past, making acquisitions of services and solutions that make its portfolio more complete for its customers. This strengthened the range of customers and segments, and a step towards providing banking services would be an important benefit.

Just as the machine market is saturated for Stone, which is looking for new businesses to differentiate itself in the market, the ERP market is also saturated. In this case, the company that manages to meet a greater number of customer demands will come out ahead. And today the most growing demand is that of access to credit by SMEs .

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Will only large companies be able to meet this demand for access to banking services?

Innovating and modernizing is not just for the big players in the market and it doesn't have to be expensive to implement. In fact, it is necessary to follow 7 basic principles so that the offer of banking services within the management system is effective:

  1. The cost of the operation should not increase;
  2. The focus on the company's core business must not be lost;
  3. There must be no risks in any type of transaction;
  4. There must be relevant gains for both sides;
  5. The company's market value must increase;
  6. The focus should be on improving the experience of those who are taking out credit;
  7. The use of data will support the main decisions.

Following these principles, management software will be increasingly required to provide clear solutions and services for this new competitive scenario. For those of you who already realize the importance of taking this step forward with your ERP, know that you can start the process by following two steps.

Simplify using ready-made solutions to integrate with your ERP

It is already possible to start offering a layer of simplified financial services through your management software right now. For this, you can resort to a ready-made solution, which operates in an integrated way with the ERP.

As we mentioned at the beginning, several companies carry out financial control of their business through management software. With this information, you can already create a connection with several financial institutions, providing convenience in financial services for users of your management software.

Today you can count on Sky.Simple ! It is a platform that simplifies the access of management software customers to financial services. We connect the user to several partner financial institutions for the availability of credits for companies.

Have trusted partners

One of the challenges of providing this layer of intelligence coupled with the ERP is to have the trust of a qualified partner, as it will allow financial institutions to offer companies transparent financial services.

Everything in this process needs to be secure and 100% digital to bring convenience to anyone. And that's why you can count on Sky.One , where one of our values ​​is partnership, because we know that together we can go further.

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