Adopting cloud computing can help companies cut costs and ensure more productivity. However, this technology requires those responsible to be careful not to fall into hacker traps and put the company's data at risk.

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer that can provide greater security for files hosted in the cloud. Do you already use this in your company? Do you already know the advantages of this resource? Rest assured, because in this post you will have the chance to understand how this authentication works and what its main benefits are.


What is two-factor authentication

This is a feature offered by cloud service providers, which adds an additional layer of security to system access. As the name suggests, it requires the user to provide two forms of authentication. The first is usually the conventional password, while the second is anything you want, depending on the service.

It is common to use an SMS or a code sent to an email as a “second password”. The central idea is that, to access the system, the person must know something else. In this way, the company's private network is more secure. Both factors need to be used and correct. If one of the elements is lost or used incorrectly, the user's identity cannot be established and is under suspicion. The use of the resource has already been adopted by several companies as a way to reinforce security.

In some cases, identifying factors may be:

  • A pen drive, a bank card or a specific key;
  • A username, a second specific password or any password;
  • Something that cannot be separated from the user, such as fingerprints and iris patterns.

The biggest advantage is security

Two-factor authentication is an excellent method to prevent break-in or tampering with your organization's cloud system. We know that passwords are double-edged swords: weaker ones are easier to remember and also easier for strangers to guess. Those that are difficult to guess can also make life difficult for the user.

In this sense, two-factor authentication only facilitates the user, while making it difficult for a cybercriminal, who needs not only to discover the password, but also to access the second factor, the “keyword”.

Making your cloud system more secure

The question asked by most of those responsible for companies that adopt the cloud is: how can I guarantee the security of my company's data? How do I not let cloud computing hurt rather than help my organization? There are several ways to make the system more secure and two-factor authentication is one of them. Search for providers that offer the advantages and features that we mention in this article. Thus, your data and information will be properly protected.

How AWS Uses Two-Factor Authentication for More Security

Amazon Web Services provides businesses with two-factor authentication. This is one of the best ways for users to protect the virtual desktops of the WorkSpaces . The service enhances security by combining user validation with a password created by the user and a single-use key automatically generated by hardware (token).

For authentication to be put in place, organizations need to rely on a Radius server. AWS has already certified the implementation with Symantec VIP (Validation and ID Protection) and Microsoft Radius Server products. The service can be accessed from PCs, Macs, iPads and Android-based tablets, including Amazon's Kindle Fire.


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