The pandemic caused by the coronavirus marked 2020 in all spheres of society.  At the beginning of March, everyone was taken by surprise with the new preventive measures to combat the spread of the virus. The social isolation that initially lasted fifteen days, turned into a month and, after six months, we are still not fully back to normal. Companies and people were forced to adopt new models of work and socializing, thus embracing the so-called “new normal”.

The office changed its address and many professionals started to work at home.  Companies then had to rethink the best measures to maintain the pace of work in the home office system. In addition to adapting its structures  to enable the full operation of the operation, it was also necessary to observe how to support the employee in this moment of uncertainty, insecurities and even anxiety in the face of the global emergency scenario.

Leaders, together with the HR area, began to play an even more important role in people management. Remote work impacts on the proximity of the team and with the distance, it was necessary to be even closer to each employee to understand their individual needs, thus determining the best solutions to support them. There are different situations, employees who live alone, others who started to share the workspace with their wife and children, etc., which reveals different points how each one deals with carrying out their activities remotely.

To keep the entire company connected and integrated,  Sky.One  sought a model of continuous communication, with weekly meetings. In these video calls, results, announcements of new clients, innovations and even the celebration of birthdays of team members are shared. This has been a way of ensuring that the “radio corridor” continues to operate, which culturally conveys a lot of information about the company and encourages proximity and good internal interaction.

Another measure adopted by Sky.One was the application of the OKR system – Objectives and Keys Results – a people management methodology that helps create goals and outline strategies in organizations with the aim of bringing more agility, clarity and organization to people. The system was implemented due to the pandemic and today almost 100% of the company is already integrated. Published virtually, the system better presents the direction and makes clear the company's objectives, what has been accomplished and what is foreseen. This model facilitates segmentation by area, in addition to meeting the needs of each individual.

Role of leadership in people management

Although the HR sector is crucial for people management, it is leadership that occupies the most important place in dealing with teams. When everyone was surprised by the pandemic, it was necessary for managers to make everything very transparent about what was happening to the rest of the company. Six months ago, there was enormous uncertainty about the next directions: when will the virus pass? What will happen to the economy?  

So, it was necessary to be very honest and present the risks and strategic plans. The basis for facing this troubled moment in general has been the conversation and communication between leaders and their teams, in addition to maintaining results with a high quality standard, reassuring employees.  

The recovery process

Now, the process of resuming  companies is actually happening. Bars, restaurants, shops and industries that were previously closed or with remote teams are returning to work physically. According to the recruitment company Spring Professional, 38% of companies intend to return to face-to-face activities in 2021.

After facing problems with adaptations during the pandemic, the new challenge is to understand how to return to face-to-face activities and what are the models to be implemented from now on. Which areas can remain in the home office? What are the gains and losses of being away from the office? These are some of the questions that arise in this new stage of the pandemic, and once again highlighting the importance of being attentive to the needs of each one.  

With all the news and surprises that we have had in recent months, the great lesson that remains is the importance of understanding the diversity of demands of each employee and thus maintaining a closer and more trusting relationship.  Also in times of crisis, the success of a company is based on people, which makes dialogue and transparency essential for the corporate environment. Click here  and speak with an expert to find out how Sky.One can contribute to the success of your business.

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