The excess of calls for problem resolution greatly affects the work of companies in the management of the Market Leader ERP. Here's the best solution to avoid this problem!

The solution that an ERP system brings to companies impacts the delivery of results in several different areas. And in the ERP market, ERP Market Leader is the most suitable tool to have a positive return due to the possibility of customizations. However, for the management of this system, it is necessary to open a series of calls to carry out any activity.

Have you ever stopped to think how much your team's time is worth while the company stands still for hours waiting for an open call to be answered to upload an environment under development to testing?

When they could be serving several customers together, there is this delay that interrupts a series of activities that should be continuous. It represents a major drop in productivity, the current reality of most Brazilian companies.

That's why project delivery and a quick solution would positively impact the end customer.

With that in mind, we are now going to show you the impacts of managing the Market Leader ERP well, improving the productivity of an entire team, and the best ways to avoid problems in the operation.

Importance of productivity within companies

With new communication technologies being introduced to organizations, such as teleconferencing systems, e-mail and now video calls with online videoconferencing platforms and chats, everyone is now able to work and perform services faster and more efficiently.

Today, technology has taken an integral part in every business, driving growth as it streamlines the different processes used. But how does technology help to increase productivity in companies without first giving maximum importance to this point?

The truth is that every company is concerned with numbers, but they do not realize the existence of factors that directly affect productivity. See some of them now.

Right use of technology

Technology can be a blessing or a curse to productivity, depending on how it is used. Increased productivity with technology is possible when we choose the right tools.

In the case of market leader ERP management, it is necessary to determine where you need an increase in productivity. If there is a readily available tool to give autonomy to the internal team and the support team, for example, it will be much simpler and faster to solve any type of problem that may happen, it's up to you.

Incorporate automation tools

The greater the need to perform manual activities, which depend directly on human execution, with a dedicated professional, the more difficult it will be to have productive teams within the company.

And when it comes to managing an ERP system , this demand becomes even greater. Therefore, you need to add as many automations as possible that provide a way to improve and streamline any manual process.

How much is the hourly work of professionals worth?

The evolution that technology provides for companies has also changed the understanding of professionals' working time.

With the arrival of management systems, everything is delivered easily and quickly. But even so, when unforeseen events arise, this facility no longer exists.

Being dependent on having to stop the execution of any work while waiting for a problem to be resolved, which can often be something quick and simple, ends up making the professionals' work time onerous, costing more than expected by companies.

Direct impact on charges and targets

There is always an expectation of expected deliveries for any professional and team within companies. And without a doubt, open calls to make adjustments during the management of the Leader of the Market ERP interfere with these expected deliveries.

To avoid a problem that generates this impact, it is essential to seek means and solutions that change this scenario, helping to put into practice a series of quick adjustments. But is this possible in today's market?

Best solution to manage the Market Leader ERP with a focus on productivity

In practice, there is indeed a direct path that will support the management of the Market Leader ERP and prevent companies from suffering from the volume of open calls with delays in resolution and consequently in the delivery of results.

To prevent the productivity of professionals and an entire team from being affected, it is important to seek solutions and the best alternatives to facilitate day-to-day work. The truth is that you can no longer be dependent on resolutions that do not always arrive so quickly for your IT demands.

But without the right professionals, how is it possible to have this result? Well, the answer is simple: Cloud Computing. And for that, we need to say that the best way is to manage the Market Leader ERP with the cloud environment .

Cloud technology is the best way for companies to have autonomy to quickly solve problems, carry out tests and increase improvements through the automation of the daily processes of the Market Leader ERP. Some other advantages are:

  • Multiple layers of security, your data shielded from cyberattacks and ransomware;
  • Redundancy, maintaining the perfect functioning of the system even in case of component failures or system overloads;
  • High availability, scale up or down your environments without stopping production;
  • Known costs, no unforeseen events to make adjustments when necessary;
  • Disaster recovery in a few minutes, without having to stop the entire operation for a long period of time;
  • Automated and guaranteed backup, performing the routine every 5 minutes;
  • Resources always updated, avoiding problems due to version changes;
  • Proactive actions, with the support of the team whenever necessary.

If you're ready to change this scenario and achieve maximum efficiency and results with ERP management, get to know the Easy.Tot solution , the market-leading ERP hosting solution that guarantees savings and security in the cloud.


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