After migrating to the cloud and getting positive results, it's time to optimize the current infrastructure. The continuous improvement process in the architecture used in the cloud must be part of all companies that have adopted Cloud Computing. During the evolution procedure, it is possible to adopt new technology solutions such as AWS Spot.

For companies, the initial phase of migrating to the cloud is a great learning experience. This includes project planning and management, forecasting and budgeting, research and development, resource management, education and awareness activities, performance evaluation, and many others.

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It is natural, then, that in this process mistakes and successes occur, which is why the importance of an evaluation process and search for improvements.

Migrating to the cloud, the right decision for your business

High availability, scalability and cost reduction, these are some of the benefits that companies have when they decide to migrate to the cloud. The conclusion reached is that it was a wise and strategic decision for the company's growth. Having access to cutting-edge technology is essential.

The process that aims at the continuous improvement of the operational and administrative activities of companies presents an important aspect in relation to the management of business continuity. It is necessary to evaluate the results and costs and always propose improvements.

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Like a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) process model, which is largely based on a philosophy of continuous improvement of management systems, the evaluation of the architecture used in the cloud is fundamental, both in technical aspects how much costs.

Based on the operating results and making a comparison with the investments already made, the technology team is able to reassess the entire structure of assets and services that are being used. It is always possible to identify bottlenecks or over-dimensioning of the infrastructure. When this is identified, it is time to improve.

It is possible to reduce costs during structure reassessment using AWS Spot

By adopting Amazon's cloud, its users have access to other products and services that can help improve performance and reduce costs. This is an AWS priority in contributing to better results for its customers.

An example of this concern for improvements is the offer of solutions such as AWS Spot. They are EC2 instances that temporarily have idle moments within the structure of cloud services., always seeking to optimize these resources, Amazon offers the use of these instances with discounts that can reach up to 90%.

Cloud computing is the tool for business growth.

AWS Spot instances have special conditions of use and are not recommended for mission-critical operations, but with well-planned use, it is possible to use these servers and obtain good performance and cost results.

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