Given the economic and political scenario we are currently experiencing, it is natural for changes to occur in order to solve problems and seek the country's growth. And as it couldn't be any different, Simples is also undergoing important changes, let's see what the new Simples consists of, what changes for 2018 and what are the impacts in relation to Cloud Computing technology.

According to Sebrae, Simples Nacional emerged with the General Law of 2006 and entered into force in July 2007, created by the Federal Government, consisting of a regime that unifies eight taxes in a single bill, reducing the tax burden for micro and Small business. Until October 2016, it raised BRL 428 billion to the coffers of the Union, states and municipalities.

Novo Simples – what changes in 2018

The Crescer project, in general terms, is a Federal Government project that seeks to develop partnerships and investments with the private sector in order to expand initiatives in infrastructure, stimulate technological and industrial development, the growth of companies, the generation of jobs and, in this way, achieve the country's social and economic development goals.

Within the actions promoted by Crescer, initiatives were implemented aimed at reviewing the tax burden and with the aim of reducing the bureaucracy applied to small and medium-sized companies.

The changes before arriving at the concept of Novo Simples, started in 2016, extend into 2017 and which will become an effective change with companies in 2018, let's build a timeline.

  • For the year 2016

The change consisted only of the payment of debts in installments, due to the high level of default by companies, increasing the payment term to 120 months. Facilitating businesses that have overdue installments, including those not constituted, with suspended payment, already in installments, in overdue debt or even in the tax foreclosure phase.

  • For the year 2017

The novelty applied for this year aims to provide legal security aimed at investors in companies focused on innovation or also known as Startups. The so-called Angel investors appear, which aim to provide the necessary support to leverage entrepreneurs with their innovative ideas.

  • For the year 2018

The real change in relation to Simples is foreseen for this year. Highlighting the new billing limits, new rates and annexes, more activities covered by the new regime, facilities for export and bidding, updated rules for the MEI and improvements in terms of inspection. They will be big changes that promise to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs a lot.

Can the new Simples impact companies that use Cloud Computing technology?

No way! There are actually several positive impacts for those who have already adopted cloud computing technology. Changes related to legislation and taxes show better results when migrating to the cloud.

For accounting firms

Information security, high availability of accounting systems and customer data and resources such as backup and recovery are the first benefits achieved by accounting firms that adopt Cloud Computing, without forgetting the cost reduction that is generated.

As for the changes promoted by the new Simples, since the accounting systems, hosted in the cloud, are updated in accordance with the new laws and taxes, all customers are equally benefited by having access to an updated system in accordance with the law. current.

Imagine the financial impact and hours of work to update and adapt each client that uses accounting systems individually, that is, in systems installed on local servers, even running the risk of generating expenses with technology to adapt the changes.

For clients contracting accounting services

By hiring accounting firms that use Cloud Computing providers such as AWS, customers are assured that all their information is stored in locations that adopt the best market standards, reducing the risk of attacks or leaks, and the possibility of Access accounting data from anywhere or on any device.

It is also important to highlight that, when using cloud computing, it is necessary to make sure that certain customers do not have privileges, since the accounting system shares the same updates and is adapted to the changes of the new Simples.

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