New technologies have been consolidated in the market in different ways, such as cloud computing, which has proven to be quite efficient even in the most complex operations. Another interesting tool is the QR Code, which can be very interesting when associated with the company's strategy and operations. There are different applications and possibilities, some associated with cloud computing, learn more.

Introduction to QR Code

The Quick Response or QR Code, are two-dimensional codes that can be scanned by the camera on a smartphone device. Taking a picture of a QR code will automatically link to text, photos, videos, music, apps or websites associated with that code. See some of the possibilities and how interesting they are for the business.

In communication with the customer

You can print the QR code on a brochure, flyer, or anywhere else that bridges real actions to online resources. From there, your customer can have one more possibility to reach one of your channels, including promotions, social networks and other resources according to your strategy.

An example was that of a cosmetics company that printed the QR Code on the packaging of one of its products. The code gave access to a video that taught how to use the product.

In internal and external processes

Have you noticed that the numbers on the milk carton have been replaced by a QR Code? The same can be adopted in different segments and processes, providing more dynamism. In addition to providing more security to processes, this application allows for greater control and, when associated with the cloud, allows online verification of data and access from different devices in real time.

information sharing

The codes make it possible to share information quickly and intelligently, without the risk of errors that could occur in some situations, such as an employee counting material. There are applications in which it is enough to place the smartphone over the code and it sends the data to the cloud database with all the information and it is safely stored there.

product tracking

The code allows you to upload tracking information about the product, where it is and the path it is taking. This is an efficient way of aggregating information about its development as an institution and that can strengthen the relationship with the client, which generates a gain in their experience and in the profitability of the business.

Customize is the key

The main benefit of this form of communication is its versatility, since it can be used to display texts, direct to the site, make calls, in short, a series of interesting applications. It is important to customize the use of codes according to the strategy, obtaining all the benefits, especially when used together with the cloud. Sky.One Sky.One applications and systems, narrowing processes and making operations more efficient.

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