According to Wikipedia, ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to the infected system and charges a “ransom” amount so that access can be restored. That is, a victim's computer or entire networks have their data kidnapped by a hacker, who demands the payment of a ransom so that he can release the "hostage", which in this case are his files and access to his email accounts, networks social and other websites. In your company's case, it's confidential data, backups and database.

There are cases where the victims are common users, who had their computers infected through an email or access to a previously hacked website, but there are also records of occurrences in which entire corporations were impacted by the action of “data hijackers”.

This leads us to think about these security incidents in the cloud computing environment and cloud security. Corporations using the cloud as their infrastructure, such as the AWS cloud and Sky.One solutions, are more secure compared to on-premises structures. Let's see good reasons to be calmer.

Safety as main asset

For a long time, cloud security was the determining factor for companies not to migrate their applications to cloud computing, so for a long time, the challenge for large cloud service providers such as AWS was to prove that their environment was safe. They achieved this with a lot of dedication and investments.

After this phase of proving a reliable environment, cloud security has become one of the main assets for any cloud computing service provider . I even risk thinking that it has a higher priority than the stability and availability of cloud services.

Nowadays investments applied to security involve several areas. In addition to the network structure that includes basic features such as firewall, antivirus and digital certificates, we have the integration of services offered such as load balancing, routing, IP restrictions, access and identification policies and many other features associated with the security infrastructure in a cloud computing environment.

Professionals attentive to prevention and incidents

It would be too much pretension of any information or network security professional to guarantee that there are 100% safe environments, which is why great efforts are invested in preventing incidents and also in the procedures to be carried out when possible intrusions and hacker attacks occur.

Reality shows that there are a large number of groups looking for security breaches and carrying out strong attacks on both large corporations and small technology enterprises, which is why the great concern in investing in personnel and infrastructure to guarantee security in the cloud.

Safety, a shared responsibility

It is not enough for AWS to invest heavily in cloud infrastructure, hiring trained professionals such as the Sky.One , and the policies and processes created by companies to guarantee the security of the cloud and the organization if users do not do their part.

Incidents related to ransomware and other types of threats happen mainly because users have not taken basic security precautions, such as accessing only safe websites, not clicking on unknown links, sharing safe and reliable files and other preventive actions. It takes joint action to ensure security in the cloud, in owned data centers and even on the personal computer.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to all the procedures to avoid security incidents and minimize the risk of loss of information, AWS has an efficient data backup and recovery system , which allows its users to restore their information and reestablish their operations in short period of time, thus reducing financial impacts and negative effects on the company's image. This feature is already part of the basic functionality and therefore does not require additional payments.

We can be sure that cloud computing will always have information security as a priority. Customer data and investments in protection will always be on the priority list and more and more services will be offered to be incorporated into the strategy and infrastructure of companies that use cloud computing.

At Sky.One , our professionals, in addition to the necessary training, have extensive experience to help your company ensure security in its environment using the AWS cloud. Get in touch with our experts and find out how we can help.

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