As an example of ransomware attacks, WannaCry showed us the importance of companies creating strategies related to protection, backup and disaster recovery.

One of the main strategies to adopt when talking about prevention is to seek and adopt the best practices. In the case of Amazon, information security will always be a priority and that is why we invest in network assets, software solutions, certifications and compliance with standards will always form part of AWS services.

Effective strategy for companies

The cloud is doing its part, and companies must be aware when creating their security policies and procedures . There is a need to think about backup and disaster recovery, since the resources are available to all cloud customers.

By adopting the best practices, tools and services related to security and high availability, companies reduce the risk of suffering attacks, and, if they occur, they can reduce the impacts of the incident and return to their operations in a short time. It is a great challenge that companies must face seriously.

Make sure you have disaster protection and recovery capacity

There are basic advice that, combined with the resources offered by Amazon, can protect systems and recover them in case of attacks, such as ransomware-type incidents.


  • Implement a backup system and ensure you have the capacity to quickly recover from disasters.

  • Develop different storage protocols to make it difficult for patrons to attack.

  • Indicate critical directories and files and set them as priority in backup and recovery procedures.

  • Set up monitoring tools to detect attacks.

  • Define and implement a strict information security policy, remember that everyone is responsible.

  • Have a specialized team available to prevent and combat security incidents.

  • Always stay informed about what is happening in the market and share the most relevant information with everyone.

  • Carry out tests frequently to evaluate the performance of backup and disaster recovery procedures and information security policies.

  • In case of attacks, do not pay the required ransom. Esto finances el Cybercrimen.

  • Develop a continuous improvement process.


Be rigorous in the evaluations and execution of all policies and procedures defined by the company. Take a step forward and reduce the risks of attacks and the unavailability of the systems, avoid financial losses and the image of the organization.

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