In a recent survey published by the InfoWorld , interesting data were presented on the adoption of cloud computing and also the perception of companies regarding the level of security offered by technology providers, a factor that leads them to consider migrating their operations to the cloud.

The survey was carried out with 300 IT professionals specialized in information security and, therefore, is a good parameter to be taken into account in a strategic decision to adopt the technology.

Considering the numbers and security in the cloud

Summarizing what was shown in the research:

  • 42% of IT decision makers and security managers say they are running security applications in the cloud

  • 57% of respondents believe the cloud is secure

  • 78% of respondents are more confident about cloud security than on-demand security

During the article it is still possible to see good reasons that show how cloud computing applied to information security takes advantage when compared to investments made in a traditional way by companies.

Research in practice

It is always important to visualize current numbers, especially when it comes to specialized professionals with decision-making power. In the case of this research, the numbers prove that the concern with security, previously one of the great barriers to technology adoption, is ceasing to exist.

As this is one of the most sensitive points in relation to a company's operations, data preservation, access control and ensuring high availability have become a priority for companies like AWS and are key points for successful adoption and migration. of technology by companies.

In view of the technology available for information security, standards and certifications that are applied to the infrastructure to comply with legislation and compliance programs, and especially at all associated costs, the adoption of cloud computing is a path of no return.

The emergence and evolution of cloud computing allowed, in a way, the democratization of cutting-edge technology for companies of different sectors, sizes and different technological applications. From web applications, mobile, medicine, biology, research and development, games, the development of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and several other solutions, everything has been created and perfected with cutting-edge technology and a lot of security. based on cloud computing.

Far beyond applied research to Cloud Computing

We have already mentioned here on our blog how much we will have growth in cloud adoption in 2017 , but what draws attention to this trend is the number of startups created, large companies and government agencies that have transformed cloud computing into a strategic decision for innovation and growth.

It is also possible to verify the success stories that emerged after the arrival of the cloud, in addition to the new economy and several new concepts and paradigms that only became possible with the application of this technology.

Finally, what the research wanted to demonstrate is that there are no more barriers to adopting cloud computing. If you are still thinking about this possibility, do not waste any more time, it is quite possible that your competitors have already completed the migration process and are already benefiting from all the advantages of cloud computing.

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