With the outbreak of the pandemic and the acceleration of digital transformation, the retail sector found itself, more than ever, subjected to the need to adapt to the most modern technologies in order to satisfactorily serve its customers. 

With that, online sales became the main outlet for merchants who decided to take a risk in the digital world.

According to a survey carried out by eMarketer , e-commerce grew by 36% in Brazil in 2020 , making it the 4th country in the world with the highest increase in online sales.

A survey carried out by the Brazilian Chamber of the Digital Economy (Câmara-e.net) , in March 2021, also details the breakdown of e-commerce purchases by segment: office and IT equipment and materials (43.1%), furniture and household appliances (26.9%), clothing and footwear (10.4%), pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic articles (7.4%), other articles for personal and domestic use (6.2%), supermarkets, food products and beverages (3.5%), books, newspapers and magazines (2.5%).

In this sense, you can see that online sales really cover all sectors of retail.

Retail sale on commemorative dates: how to prepare?

Since it is increasingly common for sales that were traditionally made at the counter to migrate to the online model, it is essential to be prepared for this new consumption model, which is much closer to the customer and delivers an experience related to ease and speed. 

This preparation must be even more intensified on commemorative dates, such as Customer Day, Black Friday, Christmas, Mother's and Father's Day, since the demand for consumption increases considerably. 

According to data obtained by Ebit Nielsen in the Webshoppers , in 2020, seasonal dates alone accounted for 34% of e-commerce sales .

But how can the retail industry be ready to handle the high demand for orders during these dates? 

The importance of the cloud for retail sales

The cloud is the most effective and secure to keep your business up and running and connected with customers in a performative way, focusing on the user experience .

In addition to offering greater predictability , migrating the system to the cloud ensures security and comfort for the company .

By maintaining e-commerce with cloud hosting, your business gains scalability superior to that of a traditional data center structure, allowing the increase of resources on demand .

It is important to emphasize that cloud is no longer a trend, but the path for companies to become increasingly digital and technological. 

Learn more about how the cloud can contribute to the performance of your retail! Watch the video below!

How to migrate to the cloud?

Anyone who is still concerned about sustaining an environment on their own is missing a great opportunity, giving room for the competition to take their place. 

Sky.One Sky.One know-how and a team of qualified professionals to support your business in migrating to the cloud.

Do you want to migrate your e-commerce to the cloud and be fully prepared to serve your customers on the most important dates of the year? 

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