First of all, to create functional software, it is important to ensure good cybersecurity practices, which is essential for anyone who maintains companies in a web environment . Thus, implementing the best safe development practices requires both the use of tools and techniques and the training of employees and users.

The use of safe code, for example, is an indispensable condition in any company that uses software and development systems . However, just applying new security technologies is not enough. The software itself needs to close the risk gaps.

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Now, let 's take a look at secure development best practices , what secure code is, and how it's produced .

In addition, you will learn tips on how to increase the security of web applications (which is not limited to just using the HTTPS protocol, together with a login functionality), and you will also learn some important steps to guarantee the necessary protection in the development of a software.

What does secure code mean?

In short, secure coding is a strategy to anticipate security in the creation of software prevention practices, processes and tools .

Therefore, this encoding can be designed to run on mobile devices, in addition to personal computers, servers and other related tools. 

This feature is becoming a standard , especially in technology companies that produce software . In addition, secure code is also used as a strategy to create apps and systems that are less and less susceptible to bugs .

The vulnerabilities can be varied: insufficient authentication, lack of encryption, weak protection against malicious code and misconfiguration of web servers. 

Therefore, one of the best safe development practices , which is very common in this sense, is to create types of protection only after identifying a possible vulnerability .

How to increase web application security

Certainly, having a plan together with the developer team is essential .

Many companies take a security strategy definition approach without knowing where they want to go and without alignment with the institution's objectives .

Drawing up an inventory of what resources the company uses, be it applications, virtual systems and devices, is essential. 

Thus, we acquire a broader view of how the organization works with the use of network connection and for what purpose . In this way, it is easier to map risk points and which solutions must be found.

The larger the organization , the greater the chances of finding redundant or useless applications . The inventory, in this regard, will be efficient in the next processes. So, try to invest for as long as necessary, in order to collect the details of each application used.

Below are some important resources that can lead to safer software development best practices. See below:

1. Penetration Test

Here, developers simulate what the software attack would be like , also called intrusion testing , in which some types of malware, viruses and other malicious resources enter the virtual system or platform.

Based on the penetration test, the risks are measured and classified into four levels critical, high, medium, low and, through a report, the solutions will be defined.

2. Password control

Passwords are codes that can be easily stolen or read, especially if they are created by associating them with other codes or documents. It is a common mistake among most professionals and that is why it is an important point to increase the data security of the business in which you operate.

Experts suggest that every company has a complex password management policy , with at least 8 characters that include symbols, case-sensitive letters, numbers, and with a defined period of use. The risk increases if the same password is used on different platforms or authentication systems .

3. Software update and configuration

Each environment and system requires its own configuration , and the constant updating of software guarantees more resources in the security of the entire network that is connected servers, devices, web applications.

Therefore, it is still important to properly configure the development environment software , which is different from the production environment .

4. Vulnerability Scanners

In this case, protection is provided using specific software that scans computers connected to a network or connected to the Internet . Scanning is done constantly, with updated tests that prevent access to data and files. The scan can reach different devices servers, notebooks, printers, firewalls, switches, virtual machines.

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Step by step to apply secure development best practices

Some tips are important to define the best practices to promote the of your company's cybernetic environment

For the development of software with few flaws , it is necessary to think that there will always be loopholes and hackers interested in circumventing the system .

Then, IT professionals will have to identify which encryption methods will be required, how users will be trained to ensure access and login security, and other issues such as, for example, licensing and data usage .

Another point is the security of the architecture and type of language , as well as authentication and data sending methods. Here, certifications and legal documentation in compliance with the General Data Protection Act are a requirement .

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In addition, we must test various security methods, especially in code blocks where confidential information , in order to also ensure that the final product does not present easy breaches . And finally, constant monitoring of web applications is required.

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