By: Roberto Arruda*

Society as a whole is impacted by the pandemic. A transition will soon be experienced, and risks and opportunities will arise in it. But what will be the impact on your sales force?

In this article, we are going to talk about these challenges. At this point, your salespeople must be thinking: how am I going to meet my quota? Customers are not serving me, what am I going to do? Will I be sent away? Therefore, it is up to you, the manager, to create a winning mindset that will allow you to accelerate your personal and professional recovery. Now more than ever, attitude and intent will be important in guiding your team's behavior and action.  

Tip #01 

First, it is necessary to recognize where we are today. It is no longer necessary to act as we did before the challenge we faced, there is a change in progress and we need to see it. Which means you shouldn't paralyze everything you were doing, on the contrary, now you need to prioritize your day's activities and create a very clear routine. Focusing only on results no longer works.

With more time in their day, your sales team will be able to prepare better, get to know in more detail the segment your prospect is inserted in and understand how the current scenario is impacting them. Preparation was already important, now it's mandatory.  

Tip #02 

A good way to celebrate victories at a time like this is to set daily goals together: how many calls need to be made, how many searches on LinkedIn , how many emails need to be sent. In this way, your focus becomes achieving the result that day and, consequently, being able to celebrate the steps taken towards your goal.

Tip #03

Your focus is on creating a memorable experience for your customer. Surely now your prospect or customer is worried, stressed, and probably the last thing he wants is someone wanting to sell him something. This is the time to listen. You need to impact him with something of value, so treat every interaction you have as the most special of all!

Tip #04 

Finally, we need to take responsibility for our actions and results. It's what everyone expects from the sales area, and an excellent opportunity for managers to coach their team!  

Join us at Sky.One , let's build the new normal.

*Roberto Arruda is Sky.One 's Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

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