SAP en la cloud for companies of all sizes stands out as an unbeatable set of solutions that offers everything you need

SAP is a solution that allows any type of company to obtain optimal processes and a good performance from its databases. This ERP can expand or reduce its modules, so that each company can configure the application according to its needs. In addition, SAP Business One on the cloud is the best option for those businesses that are looking to reduce costs, so it will always be a reference on the path that today's companies must follow to manage their systems.

What are the benefits of Sap Business One in the cloud?

It is said that this application is the perfect option for small companies that do not have their own servers to avoid excessive costs.

Next, in addition to the previous one, we are going to indicate all the benefits that a corporation can achieve with SAP Business One in the cloud:

  • The monthly fee does NOT vary in terms of usage;
  • It is not necessary to hire people who are going to carry out an installation or help in the maintenance of it;
  • Do not invest in the physical space of the servers;
  • No electricity is consumed to keep two servers always running;
  • Hardware is not purchased and, therefore, there is no need to update them when time passes and they are becoming obsolete. The providers are in charge of ello a diario;
  • No license is required for the operating systems on the software server.

Taking the leap to the cloud is important to ensure that we continue on the path of innovation and that our applications are maintained due to the use of these new infrastructures.

It is also the case that the jump to the cloud of this tool can give the client other security, for example, an almost total availability of 99.9% for a single virtual machine.

In conclusion, moving to the cloud is essential to bring a digital transformation to the company. This will be the first step to make business more agile and boost the growth of the corporation itself.

Auto.Sky Business One is the solution that can be used to migrate SAP to the cloud over AWS. In a very short time the application will be online and the user is the only one who has to do is identify himself with the credentials he has. At that moment, all SAP applications will appear remotely.

In addition, this platform makes daily backups and keeps them for seven days so that the database can be recovered in case of a serious error.


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